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Short Answer Questions

1. The revolution on Path was _______________.

2. Who is starting the altercations between humans and piggies now?

3. What does the virus do when released to the people of Path?

4. What resolution was made to this problem?

5. What does Jane plead with Han to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Han-Fei-tsu discovered?

2. What does Wang-mu approach Qing-jao about, and what does she find out as a result?

3. What troubles Ender about his children?

4. What are the effects of the modified descolada virus on the people of Path?

5. What is Ender's response to Warmaker's actions?

6. How does Han react to his daughter's dismissal of Wang-mu?

7. What makes Quim so confident of his safety around the piggies?

8. What happens to Qing-jao?

9. What does Qing-jao do when Jane reveals herself as Han's namesake?

10. Where do Quara and Ela go after they leave their mothers and what do they do while there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Difficult decisions are never easy to make. Which challenge to you seemed most difficult for Ender to solve? Compare and contrast it to your most difficult problem. Can you compare them? If not, contrast them. Which task is actually more formidable?

Essay Topic 2

Quara argues for the rights of the descolada. Do you agree to this argument? Explain your answer. Can you think of any similar cases in our world where similar things have been argued? Research one argument that has gotten media attention. Do you agree with the people fighting for the rights of that creature? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Miro and Valentine have an argument about the destruction of Lusitania. Compare and contrast the two points of view and then align yourself with one argument. What makes this argument most compelling to you? Why do you agree with it? If you agree with neither, briefly describe your argument and explain how it differs from the ones mentioned.

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