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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the virus that threatens the colonists of Lusitania?

2. What is the person ailing from?

3. What is Qing-jao's favorite area of study?

4. How did Jane come into being?

5. What must Congress have in order to rule the hundred worlds according to her father?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jane reveal herself to Valentine?

2. Why does Miro find contact with people painful?

3. What does Qing-jao know about Lusitania?

4. Why is philotic technology necessary?

5. Both Wang-mu and Qing-jao envy each other. Why?

6. Who approaches Qing-jao and what do they want with her?

7. What are Congress' two main reasons for decreeing the destruction of the planet, Lusitania?

8. What shames Miro?

9. What does Han explain to his daughter about caste?

10. Why can't the Lusitanian colonists just wipe out the descolada virus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Grego and Human are both acting unreasonably and cannot be reasoned with. Imagine you are a negotiator and have to put up logical reasons why this war should not continue against two illogical and irrational beings. Write a convincing argument as to how this war could have been averted or should have been averted.

Essay Topic 2

Miro and Valentine have an argument about the destruction of Lusitania. Compare and contrast the two points of view and then align yourself with one argument. What makes this argument most compelling to you? Why do you agree with it? If you agree with neither, briefly describe your argument and explain how it differs from the ones mentioned.

Essay Topic 3

Why is it a threat to Qing-jao that her father tell everyone it was her who found the fleet? Why do you think this is of social significance? How do you think that the Congress would react to such outbursts on Path? Justify your answer using quotes from the book.

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