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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the bishop do to Miro?
(a) Crucifies him
(b) Baptizes him
(c) Makes him go to communion
(d) Makes him confess his sins

2. What is Quara's consequence for trying to aid the descolada?
(a) She is sentenced to do eternal penance
(b) She is scheduled for execution for treason against humanity
(c) She has been locked out of her files and lab
(d) She is told she must go to Path and be godspoken

3. Why is Novinha mad at Ender?
(a) He wants to help the piggies
(b) He was talking to Jane
(c) She blames him for Quim's death
(d) She heard he helped set up the mothertree

4. Why does Ender not immediately embrace Novinha's newfound religion?
(a) He is mad at her for treating him how she did
(b) He is satisfied in his present religion
(c) He doesn't want to take the vow of abstinence
(d) He doesn't believe in their principles

5. What does Jane plead with Han to do?
(a) "Look in your soul and find forgiveness"
(b) "Look in your heart and find compassion"
(c) "Look at your feet" for the wisdom is there
(d) "Look in the matrix" for the fine piece of jade there

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Planter believe the virus did for them?

2. What does Quara call the new virus to help piggies reach their third stage but not hurt people?

3. Ender recreates Peter. What are Peter's ambitions now?

4. What awakes Wang-mu?

5. Where do Ela and Quara go to after they leave Novinha?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the effects of the modified descolada virus on the people of Path?

2. What happens to Qing-jao?

3. What is Ender's response to Warmaker's actions?

4. What is the news Jane has that warrants waking up Wang-mu?

5. What is this new Peter's goal?

6. What has Han-Fei-tsu discovered?

7. How does Novinha take Quim's death?

8. What occurred when the test run was initiated for the faster-than-light speed travel?

9. What does Valentine think about Olhado and therefore ask of him?

10. What is ironic about Han's relationship with his daughter in this chapter?

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