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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miro fight with his brother, Quim?
(a) Because he insulted their sister, Ouanda
(b) He disdained going to church
(c) Because he insulted the Lord
(d) Miro mocked his belief in a god he could not see or touch

2. Valentine finds Miro in his room doing what?
(a) Crying
(b) Eating a cheese sandwich
(c) Sleeping
(d) Reading a comic book

3. What does Qing-jao feel the need to do after listening to Wang-mu?
(a) Turn traitorous herself
(b) Start a revolution
(c) Cleanse
(d) Revoke her godspoken privilege

4. What satisfies Valentine most about writing?
(a) That she is able to put Peter behind her and make him everything she wants
(b) That she can write for many hours without fatigue
(c) That she is an amazing poet
(d) That she is able to draw people in and make them see through her eyes

5. The penances enacted by Han Fei-tsu at his wife's deathbed were most likely_________.
(a) Symptoms of his own obsessive compulsive disorder
(b) The result of intentional inbreeding
(c) The actions of a man stricken with grief
(d) An act of service to the gods

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Gloriously Bright believe is responsible for the disappearance of the fleet?

2. What does Ender fear about the other people?

3. What does Qing-jao's father tell her in response to her conclusion about the fleet?

4. What is Qing-jao's favorite area of study?

5. What is the upper, or ruling, caste on Path called?

Short Essay Questions

1. What disturbs Ender about the descolada virus?

2. What does Qing-jao know about Lusitania?

3. What are Congress' two main reasons for decreeing the destruction of the planet, Lusitania?

4. What does Han impress upon his daughter in regards to Demosthenes?

5. What concerns Ender about the hive Queen?

6. Why does the theory of relativity pose such a problem to Valentine and Jakt?

7. Both Wang-mu and Qing-jao envy each other. Why?

8. Who approaches Qing-jao and what do they want with her?

9. How does Miro feel upon his return to Lusitania?

10. What is different for Miro when he returns to Lusitania?

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