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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who writes as Locke?
(a) Jakt
(b) Peter
(c) Miro
(d) Ender

2. What does this peasant envy of Gloriously Bright?
(a) Her education and privilege of godspoken
(b) Her close knit relationship with her father
(c) Her money and beauty
(d) Her lustrous black tresses

3. What is Qing-jao's favorite area of study?
(a) Social Studies
(b) English
(c) Home Economics
(d) History

4. How does she satisfy the gods when she cannot wash her hands?
(a) She follows a wood grain line to the wall
(b) She has a personal conversation and vows abstinence
(c) She undresses and the gods are attracted to her
(d) She begs for forgiveness and prostrates herself before their mercy

5. Why is Ender troubled upon reaching the lair of the Hive Queen?
(a) It is a dark and disturbing place
(b) He has no way to communicate with her, and therefore cannot understand what she wants
(c) Valentine makes the suggestion that the queen might be hungry and looking for a morsel or two
(d) She won't tell him exactly what she's doing, but it looks like two ships are being built

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is about to discover Demosthenes identity?

2. Who out of the three to come aboard does Jane first reveal herself to?

3. What does Peter accomplish back on Earth?

4. What satisfies Valentine most about writing?

5. How did her father react when she had climbed on the statue with the intention of jumping off?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Ender's response to Warmaker's actions?

2. What does Han impress upon his daughter in regards to Demosthenes?

3. How does Han react to his daughter's dismissal of Wang-mu?

4. What or who does Qing-jao believe is responsible for the disappearance of the Lusitania fleet?

5. Why is philotic technology necessary?

6. What is the significance of Han and Qing-jao's paper offerings to Jiang-qing?

7. What complicates this debate between Grego and Ela?

8. How does Miro feel upon his return to Lusitania?

9. What is Grego doing?

10. What does Han explain to his daughter about caste?

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