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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Qing-jao dismisses Wang-mu, but Han-Fei-tsu keeps her on as his servant. Why?
(a) He values her intelligence
(b) He has laundry that needs doing
(c) He thinks she is pretty
(d) He wants to get back at his daughter

2. What does Jane plead with Han to do?
(a) "Look at your feet" for the wisdom is there
(b) "Look in the matrix" for the fine piece of jade there
(c) "Look in your soul and find forgiveness"
(d) "Look in your heart and find compassion"

3. Other than killing piggies, what does the mob do?
(a) They ransack the bugger colony
(b) They burn the fathertrees and even a mothertree
(c) They riot and destroy the colony
(d) They start fighting amongst themselves

4. Why does Ender feel guilty?
(a) He still feels responsible for Quims death
(b) He let Planter die
(c) He never eradicated Warmaker
(d) He remembers that soon Jane will be crippled cognitively

5. What is Quara's consequence for trying to aid the descolada?
(a) She has been locked out of her files and lab
(b) She is scheduled for execution for treason against humanity
(c) She is told she must go to Path and be godspoken
(d) She is sentenced to do eternal penance

6. What is the good news Quara has for the Godspoken of Path?
(a) That she is sending the descolada ridden piggies there
(b) That she can neutralize the OCD and not their intelligence
(c) That she is coming down to be their god
(d) That Congress is about to be brought to its knees

7. Why does Quim feel confident?
(a) He is carrying an axe in his backpack
(b) He has the descolada immunizing foods with him
(c) He knows he will only be gone a day
(d) He doesn't believe he'll be hurt because he is protected by a treaty

8. What happens to Quim?
(a) His breath is knocked out from the weight of the leaves
(b) He goes home and his mother is choked; he's all sticky
(c) He gets knocked unconscious
(d) He survives for seven days and dies from the virus

9. What does Qing-jao spend all her time doing?
(a) Searching other worlds for the gods
(b) Talking to her dead mother
(c) Preaching the gospel
(d) Purifying herself to atone for her father's sins

10. What is likely to happen to little Val?
(a) She is to be sent off to look for colonies for piggies and buggers
(b) She is to remain living with Ender
(c) She is to be remerged with Old Val
(d) She is to be killed, humanely

11. Who does Wang-mu approach needing help with the descolada?
(a) Han-Fei-tsu
(b) Qing-jao
(c) Ender
(d) Jane

12. To who does Warmaker compare Quim?
(a) Ender
(b) Jesus
(c) God
(d) Miro

13. What does she find when she gets up to investigate?
(a) Someone is using the bathroom
(b) The computer has found out who Demosthenes is
(c) The window is open
(d) A man is looming over Qing-jao

14. Ender recreates Peter. What are Peter's ambitions now?
(a) To seduce Novinha
(b) To kill Ender
(c) To take over Starways Congress
(d) To kill the buggers

15. What does the virus do when released to the people of Path?
(a) It has no effect what so ever
(b) It kills them all
(c) It makes them permanently emotionally crippled
(d) It makes them really ill for a bit, but passes fast and cures them of OCD

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Novinha then accuse Ender of?

2. What does Qing-Jao tell Congress?

3. What may be Olhado's asset to working on the problem of faster-than-light travel?

4. Who tries to reason with Qing-jao about the gods?

5. Why does Jane believe that Han and Wang-mu can solve the idea of traveling faster than light?

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