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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Jane tell Han?
(a) The Story of the Jade
(b) The Story of Master Ho
(c) The Story of the Three Kings
(d) The Story of the Master, Ho

2. What is the good news Quara has for the Godspoken of Path?
(a) That Congress is about to be brought to its knees
(b) That she is coming down to be their god
(c) That she is sending the descolada ridden piggies there
(d) That she can neutralize the OCD and not their intelligence

3. Who tries to reason with Qing-jao about the gods?
(a) Wang-mu
(b) Ender
(c) Han-Fei-tsu
(d) Jane

4. Who else does Ender recreate?
(a) His mother and father
(b) Miro and Ouana
(c) Peter and Valentine
(d) Novinha and Quim

5. To who does Ender compare Qing-Jao?
(a) Quim
(b) Warmaker
(c) The pequeninos that let Quim die
(d) The pequeninos that disdained Warmaker for his actions

6. Why is Novinha mad at Ender?
(a) She blames him for Quim's death
(b) He was talking to Jane
(c) He wants to help the piggies
(d) She heard he helped set up the mothertree

7. To who does Warmaker compare Quim?
(a) God
(b) Jesus
(c) Ender
(d) Miro

8. How do the other piggies regard Warmaker's actions?
(a) They distance themselves from his forest
(b) They could care less
(c) They cry aloud and call for Ender
(d) They applaud him and say Quim had it coming

9. What resolution was made to this problem?
(a) Qing-jao must be destroyed
(b) Ender goes as a peacemaker to path
(c) Novinha is given an injection to slow the rate of infection
(d) Quim would leave and try to dissuade the leader of the piggies from transporting the descolada

10. What does the virus prevent?
(a) Genetic mutation and, therefore, evolution
(b) The ability of the skin to retain moisture
(c) The development of mould
(d) The emulsifying agents in soap

11. Why does Jane ask Ender and Miro to not waste time on saving her?
(a) She would rather them solve the other pending and pressing issues
(b) She doesn't care for her existence and doesn't want to take up their time
(c) She wants to let Wang-mu and Han-Fei-tsu figure it out
(d) She is unhappy and would rather be decommissioned

12. Why does Ender feel guilty?
(a) He never eradicated Warmaker
(b) He let Planter die
(c) He remembers that soon Jane will be crippled cognitively
(d) He still feels responsible for Quims death

13. How does Han-Fei-tsu threaten Qing-jao?
(a) He will kill her
(b) He will expose her as a traitor to the gods
(c) He will tell everyone it was she that discovered the fleet
(d) He will find her a man and make her settle down

14. How does her father feel when she tells him?
(a) He tells her she has dishonored the family and brought great shame to him
(b) He is pleased with her stubbornness to do the right thing
(c) He beats Wang-mu again instead of her
(d) He's extremely mad at her

15. What does Jane plead with Han to do?
(a) "Look in the matrix" for the fine piece of jade there
(b) "Look in your heart and find compassion"
(c) "Look at your feet" for the wisdom is there
(d) "Look in your soul and find forgiveness"

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Planter become a guinea pig?

2. How does Qing-jao believe Demosthenes is circulating 'his' articles?

3. What does the virus do when released to the people of Path?

4. Other than killing piggies, what does the mob do?

5. What does Qing-Jao tell Congress?

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