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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Warmaker do to Quim?
(a) Covers him in a pile of leaves
(b) Seizes him and denies him his immunizing food
(c) Beats him over the head with his branches
(d) Drips sap all over him

2. What does Ender come to find out about Jane?
(a) That her philote ends in him
(b) That Jane is the closest thing to a best friend he's ever had
(c) That he would be lost without her, more than he is without his wife
(d) That she is extremely sexy

3. In the testing phase, _______________ is reborn better than before.
(a) Miro
(b) Novinha
(c) Quim
(d) Ender

4. How does Han-Fei-tsu threaten Qing-jao?
(a) He will kill her
(b) He will find her a man and make her settle down
(c) He will expose her as a traitor to the gods
(d) He will tell everyone it was she that discovered the fleet

5. What does Novinha forbid anyone to do?
(a) Speak Quim's name
(b) Have any contact with piggies
(c) Have any contact with buggers
(d) Leave her alone

6. How do the other piggies regard Warmaker's actions?
(a) They applaud him and say Quim had it coming
(b) They distance themselves from his forest
(c) They cry aloud and call for Ender
(d) They could care less

7. Why does Jane ask Ender and Miro to not waste time on saving her?
(a) She wants to let Wang-mu and Han-Fei-tsu figure it out
(b) She doesn't care for her existence and doesn't want to take up their time
(c) She would rather them solve the other pending and pressing issues
(d) She is unhappy and would rather be decommissioned

8. Where do Ela and Quara go to after they leave Novinha?
(a) To the church where they feel closer to Quim
(b) To the local bar
(c) To their brother's funeral
(d) To their grandparents' shrine

9. What does Qing-Jao tell Congress?
(a) That Han is organizing a revolution
(b) To shut down all ansible programs for forty weeks
(c) That Path is being attacked
(d) That there is a virus in their computer programs

10. To who does Quim compare Warmaker?
(a) Satan
(b) God
(c) Miro
(d) Ender

11. What does she find when she gets up to investigate?
(a) The window is open
(b) A man is looming over Qing-jao
(c) The computer has found out who Demosthenes is
(d) Someone is using the bathroom

12. What resolution was made to this problem?
(a) Ender goes as a peacemaker to path
(b) Novinha is given an injection to slow the rate of infection
(c) Quim would leave and try to dissuade the leader of the piggies from transporting the descolada
(d) Qing-jao must be destroyed

13. Who does Wang-mu approach needing help with the descolada?
(a) Han-Fei-tsu
(b) Qing-jao
(c) Jane
(d) Ender

14. Who else does Ender recreate?
(a) Miro and Ouana
(b) His mother and father
(c) Novinha and Quim
(d) Peter and Valentine

15. What are two things that Han does in this chapter that he would never do normally?
(a) He locks Qing-jao in her room and denies her food
(b) He does his purification ritual in front of other people and strikes Wang-mu
(c) He admits he is a lesser man for believing the blasphemy
(d) He does his purification ritual in front of other people and strikes Qing-Jao

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem now vexes Ender?

2. What does Miro learn of the piggies' plans?

3. Qing-jao dismisses Wang-mu, but Han-Fei-tsu keeps her on as his servant. Why?

4. Where is the first place the virus is released?

5. Ender recreates Peter. What are Peter's ambitions now?

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