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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To who does Ender compare Qing-Jao?
(a) Warmaker
(b) The pequeninos that let Quim die
(c) Quim
(d) The pequeninos that disdained Warmaker for his actions

2. What does Novinha then accuse Ender of?
(a) Being an insensitive jerk
(b) Being a liar and a professional thief
(c) Rape
(d) He is a professional meddler and steals her children away from her

3. What does the Hive Queen do in response to the violence?
(a) She tries to reason with the mob of people
(b) She takes the side of the piggies and sends her swarm after the humans
(c) She sends out guards to act as buffers between the piggies and humans
(d) She readies her guards for attack

4. What is likely to happen to little Val?
(a) She is to remain living with Ender
(b) She is to be remerged with Old Val
(c) She is to be killed, humanely
(d) She is to be sent off to look for colonies for piggies and buggers

5. How do the other piggies regard Warmaker's actions?
(a) They could care less
(b) They distance themselves from his forest
(c) They applaud him and say Quim had it coming
(d) They cry aloud and call for Ender

6. Who tries to reason with Qing-jao about the gods?
(a) Ender
(b) Wang-mu
(c) Han-Fei-tsu
(d) Jane

7. Who is starting the altercations between humans and piggies now?
(a) Grego
(b) Novinha
(c) Miro
(d) Ender

8. What awakes Wang-mu?
(a) A terrible cry
(b) The sound of water running in the nearby bathroom
(c) The sound of someone entering Qing-jao's room
(d) A chill of the night air

9. How does Han-Fei-tsu threaten Qing-jao?
(a) He will expose her as a traitor to the gods
(b) He will tell everyone it was she that discovered the fleet
(c) He will find her a man and make her settle down
(d) He will kill her

10. What is Quara's consequence for trying to aid the descolada?
(a) She is sentenced to do eternal penance
(b) She is scheduled for execution for treason against humanity
(c) She has been locked out of her files and lab
(d) She is told she must go to Path and be godspoken

11. What does Wang-mu think of all of this talk?
(a) She tells the people herself who is responsible for the finding of the fleet
(b) She takes the side of Qing-jao and tells Han off
(c) She agrees wholeheartedly with Han
(d) That Congress has done a very thorough job of enslaving the godspoken

12. What is the good news Quara has for the Godspoken of Path?
(a) That she can neutralize the OCD and not their intelligence
(b) That she is sending the descolada ridden piggies there
(c) That Congress is about to be brought to its knees
(d) That she is coming down to be their god

13. What does the bishop do to Miro?
(a) Crucifies him
(b) Makes him confess his sins
(c) Makes him go to communion
(d) Baptizes him

14. What does Ela figure out from Qing-jao's comments?
(a) That Gloriously Bright is Notoriously Dull
(b) That the people on Path are brainwashed
(c) That the descolada must be the genetic regulation
(d) That Qing-jao is awfully full of herself

15. What does Ender tell Novinha to comfort her?
(a) That she will be ok
(b) That he will be back very soon
(c) That he is sorry and promises to cuddle later
(d) That the risk to Quim is very low

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she find when she gets up to investigate?

2. What resolution was made to this problem?

3. Why does Ender not immediately embrace Novinha's newfound religion?

4. What happens to Quim?

5. What does Quara call the new virus to help piggies reach their third stage but not hurt people?

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