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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To the priest, what are Ender's children?
(a) Miracles
(b) Devils
(c) Abominations
(d) Angels

2. What does the virus prevent?
(a) The development of mould
(b) The emulsifying agents in soap
(c) Genetic mutation and, therefore, evolution
(d) The ability of the skin to retain moisture

3. What do most of Novinha's children and Ender do in response to the violence?
(a) They return home to be with Novinha, having had enough 'diplomacy' for one day
(b) They incite more violence against the piggies
(c) They select and set up another Mothertree for the little orphaned piggies
(d) They arrest and detain Grego and his mob

4. What is the good news Quara has for the Godspoken of Path?
(a) That she is coming down to be their god
(b) That Congress is about to be brought to its knees
(c) That she can neutralize the OCD and not their intelligence
(d) That she is sending the descolada ridden piggies there

5. Who else does Ender recreate?
(a) Miro and Ouana
(b) Novinha and Quim
(c) Peter and Valentine
(d) His mother and father

6. What does Quara call the new virus to help piggies reach their third stage but not hurt people?
(a) Enchilada
(b) Renucolada
(c) Encolada
(d) Recolada

7. To who does Ender compare Qing-Jao?
(a) Quim
(b) Warmaker
(c) The pequeninos that let Quim die
(d) The pequeninos that disdained Warmaker for his actions

8. What does Novinha forbid anyone to do?
(a) Have any contact with piggies
(b) Speak Quim's name
(c) Have any contact with buggers
(d) Leave her alone

9. Why does Quim feel confident?
(a) He knows he will only be gone a day
(b) He doesn't believe he'll be hurt because he is protected by a treaty
(c) He is carrying an axe in his backpack
(d) He has the descolada immunizing foods with him

10. Who does Wang-mu approach needing help with the descolada?
(a) Qing-jao
(b) Jane
(c) Han-Fei-tsu
(d) Ender

11. Who do they appoint as the God of Path?
(a) Han-Fei-tsu
(b) Ender
(c) Wang-mu
(d) Qing-jao

12. What story does Jane tell Han?
(a) The Story of the Jade
(b) The Story of the Three Kings
(c) The Story of Master Ho
(d) The Story of the Master, Ho

13. What may be Olhado's asset to working on the problem of faster-than-light travel?
(a) He is highly intelligent, and another mind that is not being utilized
(b) He has gained so much influence from Ender that Valentine thinks he may think like him
(c) The fact that he has been out of school for so long, and might glean a fresh perspective
(d) His lack of regular eyes allow him to see things closer to his heart and home

14. What does the Hive Queen do in response to the violence?
(a) She tries to reason with the mob of people
(b) She readies her guards for attack
(c) She takes the side of the piggies and sends her swarm after the humans
(d) She sends out guards to act as buffers between the piggies and humans

15. Why does Novinha refuse to speak to Ender after the meeting?
(a) She doesn't want him to leave to Path
(b) She believes he could have stopped Quim and didn't
(c) She is delirious with fever
(d) He didn't give her enough attention the night before

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is starting the altercations between humans and piggies now?

2. Where is the first place the virus is released?

3. How does her father feel when she tells him?

4. How does Qing-jao believe Demosthenes is circulating 'his' articles?

5. What is Han-Fei-tsu determined to release?

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