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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What may be Olhado's asset to working on the problem of faster-than-light travel?
(a) The fact that he has been out of school for so long, and might glean a fresh perspective
(b) He is highly intelligent, and another mind that is not being utilized
(c) He has gained so much influence from Ender that Valentine thinks he may think like him
(d) His lack of regular eyes allow him to see things closer to his heart and home

2. Who else does Ender recreate?
(a) Novinha and Quim
(b) Miro and Ouana
(c) His mother and father
(d) Peter and Valentine

3. What causes Novinha to throw out Miro?
(a) Miro talking to Jane about Quim's death
(b) Miro making a smart remark at Quim's passing
(c) Miro saying that she doesn't know her own son
(d) Miro calling her a bad mother

4. What is Han-Fei-tsu determined to release?
(a) The hoards of people come to pay him homage
(b) A plague
(c) The reconstructed virus to cure the Godspoken of the OCD
(d) The wrath of God

5. Why does Quim feel confident?
(a) He is carrying an axe in his backpack
(b) He knows he will only be gone a day
(c) He has the descolada immunizing foods with him
(d) He doesn't believe he'll be hurt because he is protected by a treaty

6. To who does Quim compare Warmaker?
(a) God
(b) Satan
(c) Ender
(d) Miro

7. To who does Warmaker compare Quim?
(a) Jesus
(b) God
(c) Ender
(d) Miro

8. What are two things that Han does in this chapter that he would never do normally?
(a) He locks Qing-jao in her room and denies her food
(b) He does his purification ritual in front of other people and strikes Qing-Jao
(c) He admits he is a lesser man for believing the blasphemy
(d) He does his purification ritual in front of other people and strikes Wang-mu

9. Qing-jao dismisses Wang-mu, but Han-Fei-tsu keeps her on as his servant. Why?
(a) He values her intelligence
(b) He has laundry that needs doing
(c) He wants to get back at his daughter
(d) He thinks she is pretty

10. What is the most likely explanation for the descolada?
(a) That it was created by an advanced species to regulate and terraform the planet
(b) That it has a mind of its own
(c) It has partnered up with the buggers and is trying to annihilate all humans
(d) That it is not a virus but a quickly evolving species

11. What does Warmaker do to Quim?
(a) Beats him over the head with his branches
(b) Seizes him and denies him his immunizing food
(c) Covers him in a pile of leaves
(d) Drips sap all over him

12. Ender recreates Peter. What are Peter's ambitions now?
(a) To kill Ender
(b) To seduce Novinha
(c) To kill the buggers
(d) To take over Starways Congress

13. What problem now vexes Ender?
(a) How to get the inhabitants of Lusitania off the planet in one trip
(b) How to get the people of Path to accept the engineered virus
(c) What to do with his recreated children
(d) How to re-educate Miro

14. What does Planter believe the virus did for them?
(a) Made them grow bigger
(b) Made their bark resistant to deadly pests
(c) Made them sentient
(d) Made them more bushy

15. The revolution on Path was _______________.
(a) Overall peaceful, a few violent incidents but nothing tragic
(b) Peaceful
(c) Overall violent with intermittent peace
(d) Violent

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Valentine suggest the governing forces of Path do?

2. What does Qing-jao spend all her time doing?

3. What awakes Wang-mu?

4. Who does Wang-mu approach needing help with the descolada?

5. What is the emergency regarding?

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