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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Quim feel confident?
(a) He has the descolada immunizing foods with him
(b) He doesn't believe he'll be hurt because he is protected by a treaty
(c) He is carrying an axe in his backpack
(d) He knows he will only be gone a day

2. To the priest, what are Ender's children?
(a) Devils
(b) Angels
(c) Miracles
(d) Abominations

3. Where is the first place the virus is released?
(a) Lusitania
(b) Path
(c) Han's household
(d) The main population of Path

4. What do they ask for when they get there?
(a) That their mother can find the peace Quim had found
(b) That the xenobiologists find a way to kill all the piggies
(c) That piggies, buggers and humans can work things out peacefully
(d) That Warmaker be burned as well as his forest

5. What resolution was made to this problem?
(a) Qing-jao must be destroyed
(b) Ender goes as a peacemaker to path
(c) Novinha is given an injection to slow the rate of infection
(d) Quim would leave and try to dissuade the leader of the piggies from transporting the descolada

6. Gloriously Bright begs her father not to do what?
(a) Marry her to someone below her caste
(b) Send her to Lusitania
(c) Beat her
(d) Make the gods fall silent

7. What does the Hive Queen do in response to the violence?
(a) She readies her guards for attack
(b) She tries to reason with the mob of people
(c) She takes the side of the piggies and sends her swarm after the humans
(d) She sends out guards to act as buffers between the piggies and humans

8. Who do they appoint as the God of Path?
(a) Ender
(b) Qing-jao
(c) Wang-mu
(d) Han-Fei-tsu

9. Where do Ela and Quara go to after they leave Novinha?
(a) To their grandparents' shrine
(b) To the local bar
(c) To their brother's funeral
(d) To the church where they feel closer to Quim

10. What causes Novinha to throw out Miro?
(a) Miro talking to Jane about Quim's death
(b) Miro saying that she doesn't know her own son
(c) Miro making a smart remark at Quim's passing
(d) Miro calling her a bad mother

11. What do the Godspoken do when they hear Han-Fei-tsu restored the fleet?
(a) They shower him with gifts of gold and jewelery
(b) They pay homage to his home
(c) They ransack his house
(d) They kidnap Qing-jao

12. What happens to Quim?
(a) He gets knocked unconscious
(b) He survives for seven days and dies from the virus
(c) His breath is knocked out from the weight of the leaves
(d) He goes home and his mother is choked; he's all sticky

13. Why does Jane believe that Han and Wang-mu can solve the idea of traveling faster than light?
(a) Because they also have Jane on their side
(b) They are responsible for the ansibles so should be able to figure this out
(c) They can think outside the box
(d) They are trained physicists

14. The revolution on Path was _______________.
(a) Violent
(b) Peaceful
(c) Overall peaceful, a few violent incidents but nothing tragic
(d) Overall violent with intermittent peace

15. What is likely to happen to little Val?
(a) She is to be remerged with Old Val
(b) She is to be killed, humanely
(c) She is to remain living with Ender
(d) She is to be sent off to look for colonies for piggies and buggers

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jane reveal herself on Han's computer?

2. What does Wang-mu think of all of this talk?

3. Why does Ender feel guilty?

4. Why is Novinha mad at Ender?

5. What is Quara's consequence for trying to aid the descolada?

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