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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ender feel about the Hive Queen herself?
(a) He tolerates her
(b) He hates her
(c) He respects her
(d) He loves her

2. What is the person ailing from?
(a) Too many cheeseburgers
(b) A disease that eats at the bones
(c) A fatal cough
(d) Lymphoma

3. To what benefit is the negotiation with the Hive Queen?
(a) A nomination for Fathertree of the Year
(b) A new jacuzzi
(c) A starship to get off the planet for the piggies
(d) A new strain of virus

4. What are two problems the human colonists on Lusitania are facing?
(a) Earthquakes and criminal activity
(b) Extreme planetary stench and irritable bowel syndrome
(c) Large interstellar cockroach infestation and continental shifts
(d) Planet destruction and viral infection

5. How did her father react when she had climbed on the statue with the intention of jumping off?
(a) He had to be restrained
(b) He cried out in anguish
(c) He ignored her completely
(d) He rushed into the room

6. What is on Jane's mind when she leaves?
(a) How to throw Qing-Jao off her trail
(b) How to expand her memory usage while keeping her thought process clear
(c) Miro and how he is doing
(d) Ender and how to get him away from his wife

7. Qing-jao is asked how much she knows about something. What is it?
(a) Who Demosthenes is
(b) Lusitania
(c) Ender and his teachings
(d) The whereabouts of Miro

8. How does Qing-jao's father determine what kind of servant Wang-mu would make?
(a) Asks her to be his servant for a week
(b) Asks her to preform a woman's task
(c) Gives her a written test
(d) Interviews her

9. Why does Gloriously Bright feel the need to purify herself once again when she returns home?
(a) She refused to do penances for her last defiance
(b) She told Wang-mu that the gods don't exist and that she feels silly when doing her penances
(c) She came close to defying them when she suggested Starways Congress had lost their mandate
(d) She told her father that she didn't believe in the gods

10. Why can't they exterminate the virus?
(a) The virus is a friend to them
(b) The virus heals people
(c) It would destroy the piggies, or native creatures
(d) The virus helps them

11. What more do we learn about the virus on Lusitania?
(a) That it appears to have a sense of humor
(b) That it is essential to the planet's ecosystem
(c) That it reproduces at rates previously unheard of
(d) That it is constantly evolving and shows different symptoms every time

12. What four beings does Demosthenes' "Hierarchy of Foreigness" outline?
(a) Signisi, Teyropans, Rascidan, and Deyercosa
(b) Utlannings, Framlings, Ramen, and Varelse
(c) Ufanta, Frisabigi, Rasgoes, and Gimanchi
(d) Fukasi, Ugarda, Rictors, and Vascidas

13. Jane's idea to stop the destruction of Lusitania is to do what?
(a) Inhibit ansible communication, although it would mean she would eventually be destroyed
(b) To write an angry letter to politicians
(c) To drive a ship into the heart of their operations and kill all on board
(d) Deploy three hundred warships to protect the planet

14. Who does Gloriously Bright believe is responsible for the disappearance of the fleet?
(a) Demosthenes
(b) Andrew Wiggin
(c) Locke
(d) The Hive Queen

15. Who is Valentine looking for when she finds Miro crying?
(a) Peter
(b) Jakt
(c) Ender
(d) Jane

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jane ask Valentine?

2. How does Wang-Mu feel about the penances exacted on Qing-jao?

3. Who or what is Jane?

4. What does Qing-jao come to believe is responsible for the disappearance of the Lusitania fleet?

5. How does she become aware that the gods are speaking to her?

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