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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the customary way to dispose of bodies?
(a) To bury them
(b) To send them out in space
(c) Burning on a pyre
(d) To eat them

2. How much time has passed on Earth since Valentine and Jakt left?
(a) Sixty years
(b) Three thousand years
(c) Three hundred, fifty two years
(d) Twenty two hundred years

3. What makes Valentine uncomfortable about the whole experience at the Hive Queen's cave?
(a) That both the Queen and Ender were in her head
(b) That the Queen has an extraordinary tie to Ender
(c) That Plikt and the Queen get along so well
(d) That Miro didn't like the experience, so she won't either

4. What is Qing-jao's favorite area of study?
(a) English
(b) Home Economics
(c) History
(d) Social Studies

5. How does she become aware that the gods are speaking to her?
(a) That they announce her as chosen
(b) That she is sleep walking
(c) That her ears are constantly ringing
(d) That her hands are never clean enough

6. Where do Valentine and Jakt move?
(a) Fesura
(b) Miro's ship
(c) Sabakous
(d) Trondheim

7. Who or what is Jane?
(a) Jane is Miro's daughter
(b) A being that evolved from communication technology of humans and buggers
(c) Jane is an avatar of the ships mainframe, personified to keep him company
(d) Jane is Miro's wife

8. Jane's idea to stop the destruction of Lusitania is to do what?
(a) To write an angry letter to politicians
(b) Inhibit ansible communication, although it would mean she would eventually be destroyed
(c) To drive a ship into the heart of their operations and kill all on board
(d) Deploy three hundred warships to protect the planet

9. What four beings does Demosthenes' "Hierarchy of Foreigness" outline?
(a) Signisi, Teyropans, Rascidan, and Deyercosa
(b) Ufanta, Frisabigi, Rasgoes, and Gimanchi
(c) Utlannings, Framlings, Ramen, and Varelse
(d) Fukasi, Ugarda, Rictors, and Vascidas

10. Who confirms Quara's data to be correct?
(a) Novinha
(b) Ender
(c) Jane
(d) Miro

11. What does Peter accomplish back on Earth?
(a) He becomes psychotic with power
(b) He ends up in a psychiatric ward out in space
(c) He gets elected Hegemon, absolute ruler of Earth
(d) He puts his finger in a light socket and dies

12. How does she think Wang-mu came to her?
(a) She killed someone
(b) A monetary bribe
(c) A foreman may have taken advantage of her
(d) She snuck by them

13. Who is an enemy of the gods?
(a) Demosthenes
(b) Ender
(c) Miro
(d) Peter

14. Who out of the three to come aboard does Jane first reveal herself to?
(a) Plikt
(b) Valentine
(c) Ender
(d) Jakt

15. Why is Descolada an issue?
(a) They are mean little creatures
(b) They kill off crops
(c) They are voracious
(d) They are vicious

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Qing-jao explain to this new girl?

2. What does Qing-jao's father tell her in response to her conclusion about the fleet?

3. What do the two people left in her family do when she dies?

4. Who gets spoken to by the gods?

5. What does Jane know about Qing-jao?

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