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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The penances enacted by Han Fei-tsu at his wife's deathbed were most likely_________.
(a) Symptoms of his own obsessive compulsive disorder
(b) The result of intentional inbreeding
(c) The actions of a man stricken with grief
(d) An act of service to the gods

2. What does Jane know about Qing-jao?
(a) That she will succeed and find Jane out
(b) That she is destined to meet a handsome hunk
(c) That Ender will protect Jane if the need should arrive
(d) That she will never succeed and Jane is still safe

3. What is the greatest honor for Qing-jao's father?
(a) That she has her mothers determination
(b) That his daughter didn't die
(c) That his daughter attempted suicide when she felt too unclean for the gods
(d) That his daughter is so strongly possessed by the gods

4. How does Miro feel about his return home?
(a) It's hard on him and he wants to go back to space
(b) He feels their warmth and acceptance of him and wants to remain there
(c) He loves it and missed them greatly, he wishes he could stay
(d) Its so comforting to him to be back with his family

5. Valentine and Ender greet each other. They are concerned how their spouses will react to what?
(a) Their teasing
(b) Their distance
(c) Their familial bonds
(d) Their closeness

6. Who is Valentine looking for when she finds Miro crying?
(a) Jakt
(b) Peter
(c) Jane
(d) Ender

7. What confuses the secret maid?
(a) That she is dismissed without cause
(b) When Qing-jao says her loyalty is to the Starways Congress, not to the Path
(c) When Quin-jao says she is blasphemous for being political
(d) That Qing-jao must cleanse despite having done no wrong herself

8. Jane's idea to stop the destruction of Lusitania is to do what?
(a) To drive a ship into the heart of their operations and kill all on board
(b) Inhibit ansible communication, although it would mean she would eventually be destroyed
(c) Deploy three hundred warships to protect the planet
(d) To write an angry letter to politicians

9. The first chapter is marred with a death. Who dies?
(a) Han Burders sweetheart, Daisy
(b) Han Fei-tsu's wife, Jiang-Qing
(c) Quong Ji's wife Dyonj Da
(d) Han Solo's wife, Leia

10. What are they trying to research?
(a) A cure for cancer
(b) Altering the Virus to make it harmless to humans but stlll able to sustain the piggies
(c) A new strain of potato
(d) The length of time it takes for a pulsar to pulse

11. What is Qing-jao's woman's task?
(a) To find a good husband
(b) To go cast her net in the ocean and come up with twenty three fish
(c) To find out what happened to the Lusitania fleet
(d) To replace the dead fish in the emperors pond

12. What is the only obstacle between Qing-jao and womanhood?
(a) Marriage
(b) To fulfill woman's task, issued to her by her father
(c) A long dress and a sweet sixteen birthday party
(d) Her sexual development

13. What is Wang-mu's ancient namesake?
(a) Born Again Mother
(b) The Royal Mother of the West
(c) Royal Mother of the South
(d) Royal Mother of the East

14. If the Upper Caste don't live up to expectations, what happens to them?
(a) They are tortured
(b) They are relieved of their status
(c) They are burned alive
(d) They are punished with penances

15. What is the promise Qing-jao has asked of her new secret-maid?
(a) To remove her robes
(b) To treat her as equal when they are in private
(c) To draw her a bath
(d) To pledge a blood oath

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the bearers feel about bearing the Godspoken?

2. Why does Qing-jao want to die during testing?

3. How does she satisfy the gods when she cannot wash her hands?

4. Why can't they exterminate the virus?

5. What is the new penance she added to the Catalog of Voices?

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