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Starways Congress

This is the ruling body of all the human-settled galaxy known as the Hundred Worlds.


These are the devices that allow instantaneous communication anywhere in the galaxy.

The Life of Human

This chronicled the life of a pequenino to show they could coexist with humanity.

Little Doctor

This was sent with the fleet to destroy Lusitania and it represents humankind's most terrible capacity for destruction.


This object is an extraordinarily complex and deadly virus present in all life forms on Lusitania.


This is the most commonly spoken language throughout the Hundred Worlds and is based on 21st Century American English.


When ordinary male piggies die, their corpses turn into these.

The Godspoken

This is the name given to the ruling class on Path.


These are the one dimensional strands connecting all matter in the universe.


This is used to describe...

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