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Lesson 1 (from A Parting)


Understanding ritualistic burials.


1) List as many cultures as possible that go through a ritual upon the death of someone. Which cultures have what in common? Which cultures perform the most elaborate ceremonies? Which perform the most mundane?

2) How has the way we perceive death changed over the eons? Has it become less or more spiritual? In what ways?

3) Define at least one major difference between ancient and modern burials. What are the main differences? Which would you prefer personally?

4) Compare and contrast burial with cremation. How do you feel about these methods? Why do you feel this way?

5) For homework, write up a last will and testament that divides your worldly goods as if you had one week to live. What are your last wishes? Cremation or burial? Where would you like to be buried, where would you like your ashes scattered?

6) For homework, ask...

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