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Interview a Biologist

Student should design 10-20 questions and have them answered by a certified biologist in their area.

Design a New Planet that is Inhabitable by Piggies, People, and Buggers

Student should create a government seat, a religion, a terrain, and opposition one of the creatures to inhabit this planet, ie it cannot be paradise, there has to be something that opposes one of the species.

Design a New Spaceship Suited for Faster Than Light Speed Travel

Should include a propulsion system, landing gear, be able to create oxygen, and it should have a way to see out of it. Descriptions and pictures are both acceptable.

Create a Character that could be Ender's Nemesis

Student should describe the characters appearance, intelligence, history and where they live.

Create a new 'cleanse/penance' as though you were Godspoken.

An obsessive state limited only to the students imagination.

Create a New Way to Control the Population of Path

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