Xenocide Character Descriptions

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This is the highly intelligent main character in all the novels in the Speaker series.


This character exists within the computer and ansible (long distance communication) networks throughout the Hundred Worlds.

Han Fei-tzu

This character is a good man and a good parent that lost both his true love and spouse when their child was four.


An extraordinarily precocious child, this character's name also means Gloriously Bright.


This character serves another and is trusted to keep her secrets.


This character, a stepchild of Ender, is partially crippled and paralyzed as a result of a bold and daring act that occurred as a result of trying to help the piggies.

Valentine nee Wiggin

This character also goes by the pseudonym Demosthenes.

The Fathertrees

This group represenst the third and final stage of pequenino existence and also provides leadership among the piggies.

The Hive Queen

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