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A Parting

• Lusitania is scheduled for destruction by the Starways Congress.

• The people of Lusitania are also searching for a solution to the problem of the deadly descolada virus that continually adapts and threatens to destroy the fragile colony.
• Han-Fei-tsu makes a promise to his dying wife to teach their daughter to love the gods, although he is unable to love them himself.

• Qing-jao's paper offerings to the dead include "fish, book and secrets" (fish being the story of the 23 carp, the book refers to her favorite pastime of reading with her mom, but it is not revealed why she writes "secrets").

• Han's paper offerings include his "body, spirit and soul," which shows how devoted he is to her.

• Although he tells her if he were of another religion, he would commit suicide to join her in death, he knows he has to stay alive to raise Qing-jao...

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