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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to explain the art of the theater?

2. What does the stick replace in the witches' invocation?

3. Who tells Magrat that Nanny has been taken prisoner?

4. What does the king do after shouting to silence the rumbling of the natural disaster?

5. Who is initially smitten with Magrat's forest dancing?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Magrat suggests they get the help of more witches to control Felmet and his rumors about witches, Nanny says no. For what reason does Nanny say no?

2. How do the witches acquire a baby?

3. Who explains the ghostly King Verence's feelings of hunger to him? What is the explanation?

4. How does Granny explore on Hogswatchnight, and what does she discover?

5. What angers Felmet about the four tax collectors who went to Granny's house?

6. Describe what happens to the chamber door when Magrat casts a spell on it.

7. How does the ghost king get to leave the castle? Why is this important to the story?

8. Who can see King Verence after he becomes a ghost? Who offers him the explanation?

9. What convinces Granny to meddle in political affairs?

10. What cover does Granny use to try to gain entrance into the castle to save Nanny? How does she get inside?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the difference between tone and mood? What was the tone of this novel? What was the mood of it? Was it consistent throughout or did it vary? Define the terms tone and mood and use examples from the text to support your thoughts.

Essay Topic 2

Write a character description of the Fool. Was he a major character or minor one? Support your answer with specific evidence form the story and be sure to include definitions of major and minor character. Discuss the specific role of the Fool in Wyrd Sisters.

Essay Topic 3

What is the difference between conflict and crisis in a novel? How are they similar? Also relate the differences and similarities specifically to Wyrd Sisters.

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