Wyrd Sisters Character Descriptions

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Granny Esme Weatherwax

This character is nearly run down in the street by a coachman.

Magrat Garlick

This newbie often insists on elaborate and unnecessary rituals.

Nanny Ogg

This bohemian character is far more social than others in the coven.

King Verence

This character is a ghost for most of the story.

The Fool

This illegitimate child ultimately ascends to the throne.


This character portrays himself/herself in a play.

Lady Felmet

This character is the source of his/her spouse's ambition.

Lord Leonal Felmet

This character's guilt eventually drives him/her insane.


This character would rather act than rule.

Olwin Vitoller

This charismatic and accomplished actor adopts a baby.

Mrs. Vitoller

This is the spouse of the charismatic and accomplished actor.

The Storm

This matures throughout the story and appears for a thunderous climax at the end.


This playwright is clearly inspired by William...

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