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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Geronimo avoid being caught by US soldiers?
(a) He holds settlers as hostages
(b) He moves into deep canyons
(c) He surrenders to an Indian agent
(d) Te moves to Mexico

2. In 1873 why does Captain Jack decide to fight the white soldiers?
(a) To protect his sister
(b) To protect Hooker Jim
(c) To protect his sacred homeland
(d) The soldiers had killed his family

3. Who orders Standing Bear to take his tribe to the Indian territory?
(a) Three Stars Crook
(b) General Sheridan
(c) General Sherman
(d) Indian agent Kemple

4. Who followed Old Joseph as chief of the Nez Perces?
(a) Chief Andrew
(b) Chief Zedekiah
(c) Chief Jeremiah
(d) Chief Joseph

5. Where do Santana and Big Tree go to attend peace talks?
(a) Fort Richardson
(b) Washington
(c) Fort Laramie
(d) St. Louis

Short Answer Questions

1. The Kiowas and Comanches go to what state to kill whites?

2. Where did Kintpuash's tribe live until after 1850?

3. What are the Kiowa's forced to do by the white soldiers?

4. Of the 3,700,000 buffalo killed from 1872 to 1874 how many were killed by the Indian tribes?

5. Where does Captain Jack move his tribe?

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