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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When captured, what does Hooker Jim offer to do?
(a) Serve as a scout for the soldiers
(b) Lead his tribe back to the reservation
(c) Help round up other indian tribes
(d) Turn Captain Jack over to the soldiers

2. Who is the founder of the Ghost Dance religion?
(a) Red Cloud
(b) Wovoka
(c) Kicking Bear
(d) Sitting Bull

3. What is the name of the reservation where the Poncas are required to stay?
(a) Quapaw Reservation
(b) Tongue River Reservation
(c) Qualla Reservation
(d) Washita Reservation

4. What ruling does a court make concerning Standing Bear?
(a) That he should be executed
(b) That he has no standing in court
(c) That he is a person like any other citizen
(d) That he can run for office

5. What is the name of the most famous Ute chief?
(a) Lone Pine
(b) Chief Joseph
(c) Little Bull
(d) Ouray the Arrow

Short Answer Questions

1. How many soldiers survived Custer's Last Stand?

2. In 1885 who joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show?

3. In 1877 the Nez Perces defeat the soldiers at what battle?

4. Who followed Old Joseph as chief of the Nez Perces?

5. Where does Crazy Horse surrender his tribe?

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