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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What name did the Arapaho give to the attack of Connor's men on the Arapaho village that resulted in the slaughter of 50 Indians?
(a) Battle of Tongue River that happened in the Moon when Geese shed their Feathers
(b) The Battle of the Powder River and the Little Big Horn Mountain
(c) The Battle of the Washita
(d) The Massacre at Sand Creek

2. After his days in government, what does Donehogawa do?
(a) Becomes wealthy as a New York businessman
(b) Becomes as movie star
(c) Moves out west to live with other indians
(d) Returns to the military

3. Why do Donehogawa's critics think he should be removed from office?
(a) He was too hard on General Hancock
(b) He is too pro-indian
(c) He is too close to General Grant
(d) He is too militaristic

4. What large group of Indians lived about a thousand miles north of the Navajo?
(a) The Comanche
(b) The Santee Sioux
(c) The Cheyenne
(d) the Ute

5. What white man tries to help the Cheyennes end their conflict with the soldiers?
(a) John Bent
(b) George Custer
(c) William Sherman
(d) Kit Carson

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was chief of the Wdewkantons?

2. What is the name of the Fort where the Santee Sioux are kept until they are finally put on a reservation?

3. Roman Nose gets upset with a woman preparing his food because she does what?

4. Where is Little Crow finally defeated?

5. How many Indian nations comprised the Iroquios?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in 1858 that changes the status of the treaties between the Cheyennes and the white men?

2. What is particularly ominous about the intentions of General Connor?

3. Who is Edward R. S. Canby?

4. Why did Parker not remain in his governmental position?

5. What event leads to the end of the War for the Black Hills?

6. Why is Wounded Knee significant?

7. In what way is the story of Lean Bear similar to that of Little Crow?

8. How do the Indians of the Plains misinterpret their success over the Bluecoats along the Powder River?

9. Briefly explain who Mangas Colorado is?

10. Why was the way that Red Cloud traveled to Washington so ironic?

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