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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Cheyennes chief tries to negotiate a truce in the increasing conflict?
(a) Black Kettle
(b) Lean Bear
(c) Crazy Horse
(d) Sitting Bull

2. What name did the Arapaho give to the attack of Connor's men on the Arapaho village that resulted in the slaughter of 50 Indians?
(a) Battle of Tongue River that happened in the Moon when Geese shed their Feathers
(b) The Battle of the Powder River and the Little Big Horn Mountain
(c) The Massacre at Sand Creek
(d) The Battle of the Washita

3. Why did more federal troops come to the Colorado area in the mid to late 1860s?
(a) To build a railroad
(b) To hunt down renegade indians
(c) To open up more forts
(d) To hunt for Confederate soldiers

4. Who are Red Cloud, Man Afraid of his Horses, and Dull Knife?
(a) Sitting Bull's most famous followers
(b) Three chiefs who betray the Sioux nation
(c) Three surviving Arapaho chiefs
(d) Three prominant Sioux warrior chiefs

5. Who said, "When the white man comes in my country he leaves a trail of blood."?
(a) Sitting Bull
(b) Crazy Horse
(c) Red Cloud
(d) Roman Nose

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Red Cloud insist his people should be allowed to trade?

2. During what war was Tecumseh killed?

3. Cochise's tribe is allowed to go live in what area?

4. News of what event angers Roman Nose?

5. One of the Sioux's most famous warriors during the Powder River encounters goes by what name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was the election of U. S. Grant seen as a good thing for in plight of the American Indians?

2. Who is Kit Carson different from other soldiers who deal with the Navajos?

3. What did Roman Nose promise concerning stagecoaches in his territory?

4. Briefly describe the events surrounding the horse race between Chief Manuelito and the US soldier.

5. What tactic does the US Army employ to try to get the Navajo Indians to move to the reservation?

6. How does the way Red Cloud deals with the Sawyer party contrast with the intentions of General Connor?

7. Briefly define Manifest Destiny?

8. How did European ideas about land ownership and the sovereignty of the crown conflict with the Native American ideas about the use of the land?

9. Why is Wounded Knee significant?

10. Why did Columbus call Native Americans "Indios"?

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