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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Cheyennes are moved to what fort?
(a) Fort Wise
(b) Fort Robinson
(c) Fort Reno
(d) Fort Connor

2. Where does Crazy Horse surrender his tribe?
(a) Fort Donnelson
(b) Fort Robinson
(c) Fort Laramie
(d) Fort Snelling

3. What are the Kiowa's forced to do by the white soldiers?
(a) Speak English
(b) Turn in their family members who are warriors
(c) Farm
(d) Hunt buffalo for white settlers

4. When some of the Cheyennes are allowed to go hunt buffalo, what do they find?
(a) They have lost many of their hunting skills
(b) Their lands are overrun with white settlers
(c) There are very few buffalo left
(d) They are tracked down by the soldiers

5. When Geronimo is apprehended where is he taken?
(a) New Mexico
(b) Florida
(c) Oklahoma
(d) Washington

6. Who is Victorio?
(a) A Comanche chief
(b) Victorio is another name for Geronimo
(c) An Apache leader
(d) The Mexican who captures Geronimo

7. Where were the Utes finally placed in 1881?
(a) Idaho
(b) Utah
(c) Nevada
(d) the Indian territory

8. What government group did the Nez Perces help in 1805?
(a) The Lewis and Clark Expedition
(b) The National Park Service
(c) The National Geographic Survey
(d) The US Army Expeditiary Force

9. What name is Kintpuash usually known by?
(a) Canby
(b) Ely Parker
(c) Hooker Jim
(d) Captain Jack

10. Where does Custer's last stand take place?
(a) The Battle of the Rosebud
(b) The Battle of the Powder River
(c) The Battle of Mount Rushmore
(d) The Battle of the Little Big Horn

11. When does Geronimo die?
(a) 1898
(b) 1894
(c) 1900
(d) 1904

12. What event caused problems for the Indians who were living in the Black Hills?
(a) Some of the Indians started raiding white settlements
(b) A train is built through the Black Hills
(c) Gold was discovered
(d) General Custer decides to start arresting Indians

13. The Kiowas and Comanches go to what state to kill whites?
(a) Colorado
(b) Kansas
(c) Texas
(d) South Dakota

14. When does Sitting Bull return to the United States?
(a) 1905
(b) 1805
(c) 1881
(d) 1865

15. Little Wolf's tribe is taken to what fort?
(a) Fort Robinson
(b) Fort Laramie
(c) Fort Ross
(d) Fort Keogh

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is sent to deal with the Kiowa Indians who are not obeying the orders given them?

2. In what year was the last peace conference held, before the battle of the Little Big Horn?

3. Dull Knife decides to leave the reservation to go to the reservation where what Chief now resides?

4. In 1885 who joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show?

5. What happens to Standing Bear when he refuses to sign a treaty with the government?

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