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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What government position does Donehogawa hold?
(a) War Secretary
(b) Secretary of State
(c) Secretary of the Interior
(d) Commissioner of Indian Affairs

2. What Cheyennes warrior warns an Arapaho village of an impending attack by Connor's men?
(a) Little Tree
(b) Standing Deer
(c) Dull Knife
(d) Little Horse

3. In 1865 the US government sends what group to the Missouri river basin?
(a) A congressional task force
(b) General Sherman's army
(c) A peace commission
(d) New soldiers fresh from the Civil War

4. Why is a treaty not signed at Fort Laramie?
(a) The indians are incited by a speech by Sitting Bull
(b) The indians are tricked by General Sherman
(c) The indians learn about a road planned for Powder River
(d) The indians are massacred in the fort

5. What causes the Santee Sioux to want to leave the reservation?
(a) They want to go to their sacred grounds
(b) They leave to attack other Indians
(c) They leave to attack settlers
(d) they don't have enough food

6. During what war was Tecumseh killed?
(a) Revolutionary War
(b) 100 Years War
(c) French and Indian War
(d) War of 1812

7. Big Mouth, Big Ribs, Eagle Foot, Whirlwind, and Little Crow are Sioux Chiefs sent to talk other chiefs into doing what?
(a) Moving to the reservation
(b) Surrendering to General Connor
(c) Moving on into Canada
(d) Coming to Fort Laramie

8. Who was the great Shawnee chief?
(a) Tecumseh
(b) Sequoyah
(c) Crazy Horse
(d) Tsali

9. What event in January of 1863 causes Cochise to go back on the war path?
(a) He is lied to at a treaty conference
(b) He is recaptured and imprisoned
(c) The capture and death of Mangus Colorado
(d) The murder of his wife

10. What was the name by which many Indian tribes called Andrew Jackson?
(a) Gray Ghost
(b) Long Hair
(c) Sharp Knife
(d) Old Hickory

11. The Navajo said of one white man, "his name reaches the sky." Who does this refer to?
(a) William Sherman
(b) George Custer
(c) Kit Carson
(d) William Sheridan

12. Where does the author, Dee Brown say the Indians learned their savage practices?
(a) Ffrom the white soldiers
(b) From English settlers
(c) From tribes to the north
(d) From Spanish explorers

13. Who was chief of the Wdewkantons?
(a) Crazy Horse
(b) Sitting Bull
(c) Little Crow
(d) Red Cloud

14. At what location are most of the Cheyennes Indians massacred?
(a) Washita
(b) Sand Creek
(c) Red Rock
(d) Little Big Horn

15. Which warrior refuses to attend thus stopping the talks?
(a) Dull Knife
(b) Roman Nose
(c) Red Cloud
(d) Man Afraid of his Horses

Short Answer Questions

1. When Cochise falls deathly ill, who tries to save him?

2. One character is chapter has a name which means "Keeper of the Western Door of the Long House of the Iroquois." Who is this?

3. What is the most infamous battle of Red Cloud's war?

4. When Cochise is imprisoned for something he did not do what is his reaction?

5. What was located between the Pecos mountains and the Rio Grande?

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