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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who declared that all land west of the Mississippi was Indian land?
(a) John Quincy Adams
(b) Andrew Johnson
(c) Andrew Jackson
(d) John Adams

2. What ultimately happens after the Navajo discover they have been cheated?
(a) Chief Manuelito is hanged
(b) Chief Manuelito's prize horse is butchered
(c) The soldiers kill all of the Navajo
(d) The soldiers run the Navajo out of the fort

3. Cochise dies in what year?
(a) 1874
(b) 1854
(c) 1896
(d) 1866

4. At what location are most of the Cheyennes Indians massacred?
(a) Sand Creek
(b) Washita
(c) Little Big Horn
(d) Red Rock

5. After a treaty meeting between US soldiers and Cheyennes chief's this man said, " I felt myself in the presence of superior beings:"
(a) Chief Lean Bear
(b) Chief One Eye
(c) General Sheridan
(d) Major Wynkoop

6. How does Little Crow die?
(a) He is hanged for his war crimes
(b) He is starved to death
(c) He is killed while looking for food
(d) He is taken to Washington and killled by a firing squad

7. Who absolves many of the Santee Sioux of their war crimes?
(a) Andrew Johnson
(b) Abraham Lincoln
(c) Andrew Jackson
(d) William Sherman

8. After his days in government, what does Donehogawa do?
(a) Returns to the military
(b) Becomes wealthy as a New York businessman
(c) Becomes as movie star
(d) Moves out west to live with other indians

9. Who receives the credit for naming Native Americans "Indians?"
(a) Marco Polo
(b) Andrew Jackson
(c) John Cabot
(d) Christopher Columbus

10. What is the name of the reservation where the Navajo are forced to live?
(a) Amarillo
(b) Qualla Indian Boundary
(c) Bosque Redondo
(d) Fort Defiance

11. What is the name of a new road through Red Cloud's country?
(a) Chishom trail
(b) Buncombe Turnpike
(c) Donnor trail
(d) Bozeman road

12. In 1865 the US government sends what group to the Missouri river basin?
(a) New soldiers fresh from the Civil War
(b) General Sherman's army
(c) A congressional task force
(d) A peace commission

13. One character is chapter has a name which means "Keeper of the Western Door of the Long House of the Iroquois." Who is this?
(a) US Grant
(b) Winfield Scott
(c) William Sherman
(d) Ely Parker

14. Who are Red Cloud, Man Afraid of his Horses, and Dull Knife?
(a) Sitting Bull's most famous followers
(b) Three chiefs who betray the Sioux nation
(c) Three prominant Sioux warrior chiefs
(d) Three surviving Arapaho chiefs

15. Why do Donehogawa's critics think he should be removed from office?
(a) He was too hard on General Hancock
(b) He is too close to General Grant
(c) He is too militaristic
(d) He is too pro-indian

Short Answer Questions

1. What white man tries to help the Cheyennes end their conflict with the soldiers?

2. In 1868 what does Red Cloud do?

3. Under what President did Donehogawa serve?

4. What does the term "Iron Horse" refer to?

5. What Cheyennes chief tries to negotiate a truce in the increasing conflict?

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