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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dance of the Ghosts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fort is involved in Little Crow's War?
(a) Fort Apache
(b) The Alamo
(c) Fort Ridgely
(d) Fort Pierce

2. What white man tries to get these Indians to sign a peace treaty?
(a) Edward Wynkoop
(b) John Bent
(c) William Sheridan
(d) Kit Carson

3. How does Chief Santana die?
(a) He is killed in a raid on Fort Richardson
(b) He jumps from a prison hospital window
(c) He is killed by Lone Wolf
(d) He dies of old age on the reservation

4. What event caused problems for the Indians who were living in the Black Hills?
(a) A train is built through the Black Hills
(b) Gold was discovered
(c) General Custer decides to start arresting Indians
(d) Some of the Indians started raiding white settlements

5. Who declared that all land west of the Mississippi was Indian land?
(a) Andrew Jackson
(b) John Adams
(c) John Quincy Adams
(d) Andrew Johnson

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year was the last peace conference held, before the battle of the Little Big Horn?

2. Why do Donehogawa's critics think he should be removed from office?

3. Cochise is a chief for what tribe?

4. What does Captain Jack agree to do to officer Canby if he will not agree to allow the Modoc to return to their homelands?

5. What fort do the Navajos attack in retaliation for troops destroying crops?

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