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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dance of the Ghosts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fort is involved in Little Crow's War?
(a) Fort Pierce
(b) Fort Apache
(c) Fort Ridgely
(d) The Alamo

2. Who followed Old Joseph as chief of the Nez Perces?
(a) Chief Andrew
(b) Chief Jeremiah
(c) Chief Joseph
(d) Chief Zedekiah

3. Some Cheyennes and Arapaho Indians move into what part of Kansas to hunt?
(a) Little Big Horn Mountain
(b) Smoky Hill
(c) Powder River
(d) Black Hills

4. Why is a treaty not signed at Fort Laramie?
(a) The indians are tricked by General Sherman
(b) The indians learn about a road planned for Powder River
(c) The indians are incited by a speech by Sitting Bull
(d) The indians are massacred in the fort

5. What declaration did Colorado's governor, John Evans make?
(a) It was illegal for any indian to reside in Colorado
(b) It was legal for any white man to kill any hostile indian
(c) It was legal for any soldier to kill any indian
(d) It was illegal for any indian to kill any white man

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1871 what Apache chief is killed?

2. The Kiowas and Comanches go to what state to kill whites?

3. What fort do the Navajos attack in retaliation for troops destroying crops?

4. After a treaty meeting between US soldiers and Cheyennes chief's this man said, " I felt myself in the presence of superior beings:"

5. In 1873 why does Captain Jack decide to fight the white soldiers?

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