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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Utes Must Go!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Red Cloud and Dull Knife do what with James Sawyers?
(a) Sign a temporary treaty
(b) Kill and mutilate him
(c) Make him an honorary member of their tribe
(d) Run him out of their territory

2. In what tribe was Kintpuash a chief?
(a) Modoc
(b) Sioux
(c) Mohican
(d) Nez Perce

3. Who is the Indian agent who develops a plan to move the Utes to a reservation?
(a) Denver
(b) Meeker
(c) Sutton
(d) Stuart

4. What declaration did Colorado's governor, John Evans make?
(a) It was illegal for any indian to kill any white man
(b) It was legal for any soldier to kill any indian
(c) It was illegal for any indian to reside in Colorado
(d) It was legal for any white man to kill any hostile indian

5. After a treaty meeting between US soldiers and Cheyennes chief's this man said, " I felt myself in the presence of superior beings:"
(a) Chief Lean Bear
(b) General Sheridan
(c) Chief One Eye
(d) Major Wynkoop

Short Answer Questions

1. What Kiowa chief eventually leads the tribe off of the reservation?

2. Eventually the remaining Cheyennes are allowed to move to a reservation on what River?

3. What famous scout gains the trust of the Navajo?

4. Where are most of the warring Sioux at this time?

5. Where was Kintpuash's tribe moved to by the US government?

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