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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Flight of the Nez Perces.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One character is chapter has a name which means "Keeper of the Western Door of the Long House of the Iroquois." Who is this?
(a) Winfield Scott
(b) US Grant
(c) Ely Parker
(d) William Sherman

2. One of the Sioux's most famous warriors during the Powder River encounters goes by what name?
(a) Little Horse
(b) Captain Jack
(c) Roman Nose
(d) Chief Joseph

3. Where does Sitting Bull go after Custer's Last Stand?
(a) The state of Idaho
(b) The Grand Canyon
(c) The Black Hills
(d) Yellowstone

4. What is the name of a new road through Red Cloud's country?
(a) Buncombe Turnpike
(b) Chishom trail
(c) Bozeman road
(d) Donnor trail

5. What did the relocation of the Cherokee to Oklahoma become known as?
(a) Chisholm Trail
(b) Buncombe Turnpike
(c) Sorrowful Trail
(d) Trail of Tears

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are most of the warring Sioux at this time?

2. Why do Donehogawa's critics think he should be removed from office?

3. What event caused problems for the Indians who were living in the Black Hills?

4. What does Captain Jack agree to do to officer Canby if he will not agree to allow the Modoc to return to their homelands?

5. Why did more federal troops come to the Colorado area in the mid to late 1860s?

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