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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cochise and the Apache Guerrillas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important document did Donehogawa write?
(a) The surrender terms at Appomattox
(b) The treaty with the Sioux
(c) The treaty that ended Black Hawk's war
(d) The treaty that ended the Mexican-American War

2. What famous scout gains the trust of the Navajo?
(a) Cochise
(b) Meriweather Lewis
(c) Kit Carson
(d) Bat Masterson

3. Which warrior refuses to attend thus stopping the talks?
(a) Roman Nose
(b) Red Cloud
(c) Man Afraid of his Horses
(d) Dull Knife

4. After his days in government, what does Donehogawa do?
(a) Becomes wealthy as a New York businessman
(b) Becomes as movie star
(c) Returns to the military
(d) Moves out west to live with other indians

5. Who are Red Cloud, Man Afraid of his Horses, and Dull Knife?
(a) Three prominant Sioux warrior chiefs
(b) Three chiefs who betray the Sioux nation
(c) Three surviving Arapaho chiefs
(d) Sitting Bull's most famous followers

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the great Shawnee chief?

2. Roman Nose gets upset with a woman preparing his food because she does what?

3. In 1868 what does Red Cloud do?

4. Big Mouth, Big Ribs, Eagle Foot, Whirlwind, and Little Crow are Sioux Chiefs sent to talk other chiefs into doing what?

5. What white man tries to get these Indians to sign a peace treaty?

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