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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cochise and the Apache Guerrillas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Red Cloud deliver an address on Indian rights?
(a) St. Louis
(b) New York City
(c) Washington
(d) Chicago

2. News of what event angers Roman Nose?
(a) The establishment of a new stagecoach line
(b) The establishment of a new fort
(c) The establishment of a cattle drive
(d) The assasination of Abraham Lincoln

3. What 2 chiefs does Donehogawa invite to Washington?
(a) Dull Knife and Sitting Bull
(b) Red Cloud and Spotted Tail
(c) Chief Joseph and Captain Jack
(d) Roman Nose and Little Horse

4. Cochise is a chief for what tribe?
(a) Chiracahua Apache
(b) Santee Sioux
(c) Nez Perce
(d) Arapaho

5. What General led the Cherokee relocation?
(a) William Sherman
(b) George Custer
(c) William Sheridan
(d) Winfield Scott

Short Answer Questions

1. Which warrior refuses to attend thus stopping the talks?

2. One of the leaders of the Sioux warriors is a Hunkpapa chief named what?

3. The Arapahos scatter and join in with some Sioux Indians, their total number is about how many warriors?

4. Who was chief for the Ottawa tribe?

5. Cochise's tribe is offered protection at what fort?

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