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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Powder River Invasion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Little Crow finally defeated?
(a) The Little Big Horn River
(b) The Yellow Medicine River
(c) The Washita River
(d) The Rio Grande River

2. How is Manuelito cheated in this event?
(a) His foot trail is longer
(b) His gun sights are changed
(c) His dueling gun is jammed
(d) The horse reins are cut

3. Who went to visit Abraham Lincoln in Washington?
(a) Red Cloud
(b) Sitting Bull
(c) Crazy Horse
(d) Little Crow

4. The Wdewkantons, the Wahpetons, the Wahpekutes, and the Sissetons make up what Indian nation?
(a) The Santee Sioux
(b) The Comanche
(c) The Navajo
(d) the Apache

5. What event led to a widespread invasion of the West by white men?
(a) Cattle Drives
(b) Oklahoma Claims
(c) California Gold rush
(d) Lewis and Clark Expedition

Short Answer Questions

1. What Cheyennes warrior warns an Arapaho village of an impending attack by Connor's men?

2. Most of the remaining Cheyennes Indians are removed to an area along what river?

3. How many Indian nations comprised the Iroquios?

4. One of the leaders of the Sioux warriors is a Hunkpapa chief named what?

5. In 1865 what US General was preparing a new military initiative against the Indians near the Black Hills?

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