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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Powder River Invasion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1865 what US General was preparing a new military initiative against the Indians near the Black Hills?
(a) General Sherman
(b) General Sheridan
(c) General Custer
(d) General Connor

2. What Cheyennes chief tries to negotiate a truce in the increasing conflict?
(a) Lean Bear
(b) Sitting Bull
(c) Black Kettle
(d) Crazy Horse

3. What name did the Arapaho give to the attack of Connor's men on the Arapaho village that resulted in the slaughter of 50 Indians?
(a) The Battle of the Washita
(b) The Battle of the Powder River and the Little Big Horn Mountain
(c) The Massacre at Sand Creek
(d) Battle of Tongue River that happened in the Moon when Geese shed their Feathers

4. What was located between the Pecos mountains and the Rio Grande?
(a) The Little Big Horn
(b) Wounded Knee
(c) Washita
(d) Bosque Redondo

5. Which tribe listed below was not living in the Southeast region of the US when their land was taken?
(a) Creek
(b) Seminole
(c) Chickasaw
(d) Iroquois

Short Answer Questions

1. Red Cloud and Dull Knife do what with James Sawyers?

2. What fort do the Navajos attack in retaliation for troops destroying crops?

3. What Cheyennes warrior warns an Arapaho village of an impending attack by Connor's men?

4. Who absolves many of the Santee Sioux of their war crimes?

5. What General led the Cherokee relocation?

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