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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Utes Must Go!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Red Cloud, Man Afraid of his Horses, and Dull Knife?
(a) Three prominant Sioux warrior chiefs
(b) Sitting Bull's most famous followers
(c) Three chiefs who betray the Sioux nation
(d) Three surviving Arapaho chiefs

2. What government group did the Nez Perces help in 1805?
(a) The Lewis and Clark Expedition
(b) The National Park Service
(c) The National Geographic Survey
(d) The US Army Expeditiary Force

3. The Sioux chiefs are invited to a peace conference at what fort?
(a) Fort Connor
(b) Fort Wise
(c) Fort Snelling
(d) Fort Laramie

4. Where did Kintpuash's tribe live until after 1850?
(a) Utah
(b) Northern California
(c) Idaho
(d) Nevada

5. Where does Roman Nose die?
(a) Washita River
(b) Little Big Horn River
(c) Arikaree Valley
(d) Powder River

Short Answer Questions

1. At what location are most of the Cheyennes Indians massacred?

2. One of the leaders of the Sioux warriors is a Hunkpapa chief named what?

3. News of what event angers Roman Nose?

4. The Cheyennes are moved to what fort?

5. At what fort did several Indian tribes sign a treaty reducing their lands?

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