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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Utes Must Go!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1871 what Apache chief is killed?
(a) Cochise
(b) Eskiminzin
(c) Mangas Colorado
(d) Geronimo

2. Which warrior refuses to attend thus stopping the talks?
(a) Red Cloud
(b) Dull Knife
(c) Roman Nose
(d) Man Afraid of his Horses

3. Most of the remaining Cheyennes Indians are removed to an area along what river?
(a) Washita river
(b) Rio Grande river
(c) Arkansas river
(d) Colorado river

4. What does Captain Jack do to Canby?
(a) Kidnaps him
(b) Kills him
(c) Turns him over to renegade indians
(d) Gives him to Hooker Jim

5. Cochise's tribe is allowed to go live in what area?
(a) The Chiracahua Mountains
(b) The Rio Grande basin
(c) Death Valley
(d) The Grand Canyon

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the white men call these 5 Sioux chiefs?

2. Why do the Sioux move into the Black Hills?

3. What Navajo chief finally surrendered in 1866?

4. What Indian chief leads a raid that ends in killings at Fort Richardson?

5. In what tribe was Hooker Jim a leader?

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