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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Utes Must Go!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous scout gains the trust of the Navajo?
(a) Meriweather Lewis
(b) Cochise
(c) Kit Carson
(d) Bat Masterson

2. Cochise finally reaches an agreement with what US General?
(a) General Hood
(b) General Taylor
(c) General Howard
(d) General Wise

3. Dull Knife decides to leave the reservation to go to the reservation where what Chief now resides?
(a) Chief Joseph
(b) Sitting Bull
(c) Red Cloud
(d) Crazy Horse

4. One of the Sioux's most famous warriors during the Powder River encounters goes by what name?
(a) Little Horse
(b) Roman Nose
(c) Chief Joseph
(d) Captain Jack

5. In 1871 what Apache chief is killed?
(a) Geronimo
(b) Eskiminzin
(c) Cochise
(d) Mangas Colorado

Short Answer Questions

1. What 2 chiefs does Donehogawa invite to Washington?

2. What Indian chief leads a raid that ends in killings at Fort Richardson?

3. What fort is involved in Little Crow's War?

4. In what tribe was Hooker Jim a leader?

5. What important document did Donehogawa write?

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