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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Red Cloud's War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous scout gains the trust of the Navajo?
(a) Bat Masterson
(b) Meriweather Lewis
(c) Cochise
(d) Kit Carson

2. What Cheyennes warrior warns an Arapaho village of an impending attack by Connor's men?
(a) Dull Knife
(b) Little Tree
(c) Little Horse
(d) Standing Deer

3. How long does Red Cloud's war last?
(a) About 1 month
(b) About 10 years
(c) About 6 months
(d) About 2 years

4. Who are Red Cloud, Man Afraid of his Horses, and Dull Knife?
(a) Three chiefs who betray the Sioux nation
(b) Three surviving Arapaho chiefs
(c) Sitting Bull's most famous followers
(d) Three prominant Sioux warrior chiefs

5. What was located between the Pecos mountains and the Rio Grande?
(a) Washita
(b) Wounded Knee
(c) Bosque Redondo
(d) The Little Big Horn

Short Answer Questions

1. Red Cloud and Dull Knife do what with James Sawyers?

2. What US general declared war on the Navajo and Apache?

3. Why did more federal troops come to the Colorado area in the mid to late 1860s?

4. What fort do the Navajos attack in retaliation for troops destroying crops?

5. What did the chief who visited Lincoln receive as a gift?

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