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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Red Cloud's War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fort is involved in Little Crow's War?
(a) Fort Pierce
(b) Fort Apache
(c) Fort Ridgely
(d) The Alamo

2. How does Little Crow die?
(a) He is starved to death
(b) He is killed while looking for food
(c) He is hanged for his war crimes
(d) He is taken to Washington and killled by a firing squad

3. In 1865 the US government sends what group to the Missouri river basin?
(a) A congressional task force
(b) New soldiers fresh from the Civil War
(c) A peace commission
(d) General Sherman's army

4. What Cheyennes chief tries to negotiate a truce in the increasing conflict?
(a) Black Kettle
(b) Crazy Horse
(c) Lean Bear
(d) Sitting Bull

5. Who turns their backs on John Bent?
(a) The US soldiers
(b) The Cheyenne nation
(c) His own sons
(d) His Indian wife

Short Answer Questions

1. What large group of Indians lived about a thousand miles north of the Navajo?

2. Who led a private expedition into the Powder River region in 1865?

3. Most of the remaining Cheyennes Indians are removed to an area along what river?

4. Red Cloud and Dull Knife do what with James Sawyers?

5. Who went to visit Abraham Lincoln in Washington?

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