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Their Manners Are Decorous and Praiseworthy

• Columbus discovers the Native Americans and calls them "Indios."

• Native Americans become known as Indians.

• Pattern of driving Indians off of their land begins almost immediately.

• A pattern of Indians trying to help the incoming whites begins with the Pilgrims.

• The Iroquios nations are scattered.

• Whites rely on land ownership and deeds for property, something Indians do not understand.

• Pontiac and Tecumseh fail to stop the advance of the whites.

• Indians are given all lands west of the Mississippi as a permanent land by Andrew Jackson.

• Cherokees are removed and led on the "Trail of Tears."

• The gold rush of 1849 moves more and more whites into Indian country.

• Manifest Destiny becomes the basis for government policy.

• The Civil War delays the final removal of the Indian nations.

The Long Walk of the Navahos

• The Navajos are cheated by the whites.

• Manuelito loses...

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