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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Garp have his first extra-marital affair with?
(a) One of his housecleaners.
(b) Charlotte.
(c) His doctor.
(d) One of his son's babysitters.

2. How does Garp spend his time when he first arrives in Vienna?
(a) Staying in the hotel writing.
(b) Writing in the library.
(c) Exploring all the city has to offer.
(d) Going out on the club scene.

3. What does Mr. Tinch encourage Garp to do?
(a) Keep trying his hand at writing.
(b) Take up fencing.
(c) Try his hand at sculpture.
(d) Keep running on the team.

4. What does Helen agree to do after receiving Garp's first novel?
(a) Give it to her father.
(b) Read it and provide feedback.
(c) Marry him.
(d) Edit it.

5. What is Garp doing when he gets stuck in the gutter?
(a) Trying to capture pigeons.
(b) Trying to run away.
(c) Trying to fly.
(d) Playing hide and seek with some students.

Short Answer Questions

1. What body part does Garp lose to Bonkers?

2. What do Garp and Jenny think of Frank Grillparzer?

3. How does Charlotte die?

4. What happens to Charlotte that makes her so hard to find?

5. Who is Roberta Muldoon?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Roberta Muldoon enter Garp's life?

2. What bad driving habit does Garp have when he's coming home?

3. What is the ultimate goal behind Garp writing his first short story?

4. What part needs to be fixed on the Garps' car?

5. What does Helen think happens when Garp spends so long at Mrs. Ralph's house?

6. What role does Garp play for Jenny when they are in Vienna?

7. What does Jenny's insistence that she continue to wear her nurse's uniform symbolize?

8. Why won't Helen read _The World According to Bensenhaver_?

9. Why does Garp bond so well with Ernie Holm?

10. What qualities in Mrs. Ralph does Garp also see in himself?

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