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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Garp's reactions when he learns what Charlotte means when she refers to her "purse" being taken?
(a) He is shocked.
(b) He is not surprised.
(c) He is mad at her.
(d) He is worried.

2. What item of Mrs. Ralph's clothing does Garp likely ruin when he catches her speeding?
(a) Her new, cashmere sweater.
(b) Her scarf.
(c) Her blouse.
(d) Her pants.

3. Who is Mr. Tinch?
(a) Helen's father.
(b) Garp's uncle.
(c) Garp's English teacher.
(d) The former dean.

4. How does Jenny spend her time when she first arrives in Vienna?
(a) Writing in the library.
(b) Exploring all the city has to offer.
(c) Staying in the hotel writing.
(d) Going out on the club scene.

5. What is Jenny unable to advise Garp about at Steering?
(a) Who to pick as a roommate.
(b) The male teachers.
(c) Which teachers will let him cheat.
(d) Sports teams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Garp write to Helen about right before he and Jenny leave Vienna?

2. Why is the young Garp labeled "mischievous" by the people at Steering?

3. What unique band of characters are in Garp's first important story?

4. How do Ellen Jamesians communicate?

5. What is the name of Mrs. Ralph's husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. When they are first introduced in the novel, what do the Ellen Jamesians symbolize?

2. What does Mrs. Ralph keep claiming that she will eventually do to Garp?

3. How does Ernie Holm die?

4. What does Garp think is the source of Helen's bruises (while she is having an affair)?

5. What does Mrs. Ralph tell Garp that both of their sons like to do at her house?

6. What is symbolic about the book that Mrs. Ralph has in her car when Garp chases her down for speeding?

7. How does Jenny find her publisher?

8. What does Jenny's insistence that she continue to wear her nurse's uniform symbolize?

9. Why is Garp worried about Duncan spending the night at Ralph's house?

10. Garp dies at the age of 33. Why is this number important to know in literature?

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