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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Jillsy Sloper?
(a) The person to whom Garp dedicates _The World According to Bensenhaver_.
(b) John Wolf's secret test to see if a novel will be successful.
(c) All of these answers are correct.
(d) A cleaning woman at John Wolf's publishing company.

2. What is the color of the clothes of Mrs. Ralph's guest who won't leave?
(a) Purple.
(b) Red.
(c) Bright yellow.
(d) Blue.

3. What physical feature does Garp make fun of Michael Milton for?
(a) His hair.
(b) His shoes.
(c) His lips.
(d) His moustache.

4. Who is the main character in _The World According to Bensenhaver_?
(a) John Irving.
(b) Jenny Duncan.
(c) Hope Standish.
(d) Helen Fields.

5. How does Garp dress while attending the first feminist funeral?
(a) Like a policeman.
(b) As a woman.
(c) Like a priest.
(d) In all black.

6. Who does Garp leave in charge of Dog's Head Harbor?
(a) John Wolf.
(b) Roberta.
(c) Helen.
(d) Cushie Percy.

7. What happens to Duncan as a result of the car accident in his driveway?
(a) He never speaks again.
(b) He loses his right eye.
(c) He loses his right arm.
(d) He goes blind.

8. What happens to Garp in Garp's dream?
(a) He is also sucked out of an airplane.
(b) He can't remember how to write.
(c) He is too stupid to help Duncan with his homework.
(d) He teaches Duncan how to wrestle with a bear.

9. How does Jenny die?
(a) One of the women at Dog's Head Harbor kills her.
(b) She is assassinated.
(c) She dies peacefully in her sleep.
(d) She drowns.

10. What kind of car does Michael Milton buy?
(a) An old station wagon with wood paneling.
(b) A brand-new sports car.
(c) A very large van.
(d) An old school bus.

11. Who is Mr. Bensenhaver?
(a) Hope's father.
(b) A police detective.
(c) A rapist.
(d) Hope's husband.

12. What does the dog in Garp's story to Walt want more than anything?
(a) To be inside during the day with his master.
(b) To go meet a girl dog he can see through his fence.
(c) To be free of his leash.
(d) To be able to reach a cat.

13. Why does John Wolf not want to publish Garp's novel _The World According to Bensenhaver_?
(a) Because it is too sappy.
(b) Because it is too gory and violent.
(c) Because his mother demanded he get out of publishing.
(d) Because it is a collection of poetry.

14. What type of business does Mrs. Truckenmiller claim to operate?
(a) A school.
(b) A bookstore.
(c) A car repair shop.
(d) A hair salon.

15. What is the title of the first essay Ellen James writes that is published?
(a) Robert/Roberta: Can You Tell the Difference?"
(b) "What Jenny Fields Meant to Me."
(c) "Why I'm Not an Ellen Jamesian."
(d) "Life with the Garps."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Margie Tallworth?

2. How does Garp feel about what happens to Duncan in his dream?

3. What is the name of Mrs. Ralph's dog?

4. What is Garp wearing when he heads out in the middle of the night to check on Duncan at Ralph's house?

5. Who does Garp meet on a plane after the first feminist funeral?

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