The World According to Garp Character Descriptions

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Arden Bensenhaver - In a story within The World According to Garp, this character tampers with evidence in an effort to ensure a rape case is made easier. This character is also known for using unorthodox police methods.

Dean Bodger - One of the few characters to befriend Garp's mother, this character works at a prep school for boys and helps save a young child who is stuck in a gutter.

Bonkers - This character is best known for taking a bite out of someone's ear.

Bonkie - This is the nickname given for a character who is known for bullying schoolchildren.

Florence Cochran Bowlsby - Often referred to as "Mrs. Ralph," this character's real name is rarely mentioned in The World According to Garp.

Charlotte - One of Garp's good friends during his time in Vienna, this character becomes suddenly sick and dies from cancer...

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