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Hugh Howey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Holston performs the cleaning in Chapter 6, it dawns on him, “His wife had been right.” In what way was she right?
(a) “The view from inside was a lie.”
(b) “The view from inside was the truth.”
(c) “The leaders had killed all the children.”
(d) “The computers were destroyed by aliens.”

2. The word “gyre” used in Chapter 5 refers to what kind of shape?
(a) A cube.
(b) A spiral.
(c) A sphere.
(d) A hexagon.

3. What word from Chapter 4 refers to someone who has been found guilty of a criminal act or wrong?
(a) The forgiven.
(b) The enchanted.
(c) The condemned.
(d) The omniscient.

4. Allison says to Holston in Chapter 5, “There is no uprising, not really, there’s just” what?
(a) “A coup.”
(b) “A gradual leak.”
(c) “People who need out.”
(d) “Truth.”

5. What part of Holston’s mind is described in Chapter 4 as being not “made for this, to be calmly ushered to a death it was perfectly aware of”?
(a) “The vulnerable part of his mind.”
(b) “The animal part of his mind.”
(c) “The analytical part of his mind.”
(d) “The rational part of his mind.”

Short Answer Questions

1. What person who had been sent to cleaning is described in Chapter 4 as having “been belligerent and hostile right up to the end”?

2. Allison tells Holston in the holding cell in Chapter 5 that she’s seen the programs they use. “The ones that make pictures on the screens that look” what?

3. What word from Chapter 5 refers to a steel reinforcing rod in concrete?

4. What does Holston grab above him in order to pull himself to a standing position as Nelson dresses him in Chapter 4?

5. What is Holston described as wearing underneath the outfit Nelson dresses him in, in Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Allison’s death described in Chapter 4?

2. What is the setting and time frame established in the opening of Chapter 6? What is Holston doing in the beginning of the chapter?

3. How is Holston’s behavior outside of the holding cell described in Chapter 5?

4. What conclusions Holston make upon taking in the surroundings of the outer world in Chapter 6?

5. Why is Holston’s entering the holding cell a dangerous action in Chapter 5? Why does he commit this action?

6. What does Allison initially say to Holston when she begins to talk in the holding cell in Chapter 5?

7. How would you describe Holston’s emotional state in the end of Chapter 6?

8. Why does Allison tell Holston she will return to the silo in Chapter 5?

9. Whom does Allison believe to be responsible for keeping secrets in Chapter 5?

10. What is Nelson’s position in the story? What does he tell Holston in the beginning of Chapter 4?

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