Objects & Places from Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 - 5) (Silo Saga 1)

Hugh Howey
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Silo 18

This is the name of the setting where Holston lives in the beginning of the novel. Like his wife and everyone in his generation, he has lived here forever, knowing little of life outside of its confines.

Lottery Ticket

Holston carries this item with him everywhere, according to the narrator in Chapter 1. It was gaining this item that gave Holston and his wife the opportunity to have a child.


In recalling his and his wife’s superstitions, Holston remembers hanging this item over their bed in the hopes that it would increase fertility.

Holding Cell

When Holston reaches the top of the stairs in Chapter 1, he insists that Deputy Marnes take him to this location.

Children's Books

These items are described in Chapter 2 as the only literary works to survive the uprising.


This term is used in the novel to describe the duties an exiled...

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