Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 - 5) (Silo Saga 1) Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hugh Howey
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Chapter 1

• Wool is the first book in the Wool Series, a science fiction series which takes place on a futuristic, post-apocalyptic planet Earth.

• The principle setting of Wool is established in Chapter 1 as “the silo,” an underground, multi-storied bunker where all known humanity now lives.

• As Chapter 1 opens, the protagonist and sheriff of the silo, Holston, climbs the silo stairs “to his death” as he listens to the happy sounds of children playing on the floors above him.

• Holston’s mind wanders as he climbs each floor, recalling the time when he and his wife Allison won the lottery, which meant they would be allowed to have a child.

• Holston’s memories flash back to the superstitions he and Allison had regarding conception and their hopes for having twins.

• Holston and Allison were unable to conceive a child before Allison died.

• As Holston reaches the cafeteria and lounge...

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