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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is the land of the Winkies?
(a) Brown
(b) Orange
(c) Yellow
(d) Blue

2. The people of this land are afraid of what?
(a) The strangers are evil
(b) The strangers will take them away
(c) The strangers will break them
(d) The strangers will take over their land

3. What do the travelers think will happen now that the witch is dead?
(a) They will get big rewards
(b) The Wizard will grant their wishes
(c) They can stop being afraid
(d) They can have an easy journey

4. When the travelers are all back together, what do they decide to do?
(a) Take a nap
(b) Head for Kansas
(c) Return to Oz
(d) Move into the palace

5. What does this person in #141 do?
(a) Cuts a branch off the tree
(b) Lights a match
(c) Talks with them
(d) Fights with the person

6. Where is the charm of the Golden Cap?
(a) Written outside the hat
(b) Hidden in the rim of the hat
(c) In Dorothy's shoes
(d) Written inside the hat

7. Who does Dorothy want to bring back to Kansas with her?
(a) The dragon
(b) The jokeer
(c) The milkmaid
(d) The princess

8. What is the Lion's new title?
(a) King of the Jungle
(b) Leader of all Four Leggeds
(c) Strong Warrior
(d) King of the Forest

9. When the witch is dead, who is free from her spell?
(a) The Winkies
(b) The Kalidas
(c) The Munchkins
(d) The Monkeys

10. How long does it take Dorothy to make her ride home?
(a) A month
(b) One day
(c) Three days
(d) A week

11. What does the Lion receive from the Wizard?
(a) A piece of gold
(b) A vial of green potion labeled courage
(c) A medal
(d) A trophy

12. What had Aunt Em been getting ready to do?
(a) Water the cabbages
(b) Hug Uncle Henry
(c) Make dinner
(d) Run some errands

13. Who does Glinda give the Golden Cap to?
(a) Tin Woodman
(b) Dorothy
(c) The leader of the monkeys
(d) Lion

14. In which direction do the travelers walk?
(a) South
(b) West
(c) East
(d) North

15. Why does Glinda give the Golden Cap away?
(a) To get rid of its evil
(b) To help Dorothy
(c) To save the rest of Oz
(d) To free the monkeys

Short Answer Questions

1. How long do the travelers wait for the Wizard?

2. Who is sad about their situation in this chapter?

3. What does the man suggest the travelers climb to reach their destination?

4. Who has been broken and glued back together many times?

5. What does Glinda tell the monkeys to do with the Tin Woodman?

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