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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do the travelers wait for the Wizard?
(a) Two days
(b) Three days
(c) A month
(d) Two hours

2. Dorothy says, "I'm so glad to be at ______ again!"
(a) The farm
(b) This place
(c) Kansas
(d) Home

3. What is the land in this chapter filled with?
(a) Small dolls of clay
(b) Clouds
(c) Glass animals
(d) Living china figurines

4. Who kills the feared creature from #153?
(a) Tin Woodman
(b) The Lion
(c) Scarecrow
(d) Toto

5. What does Glinda tell the monkeys to do with the Tin Woodman?
(a) Take him to the Emerald City
(b) Take him to the Hammer Heads
(c) Take him to Oz
(d) Take him to the land of the Winkies

6. Who does Dorothy want to bring back to Kansas with her?
(a) The dragon
(b) The milkmaid
(c) The princess
(d) The jokeer

7. What does the Lion receive from the Wizard?
(a) A trophy
(b) A medal
(c) A vial of green potion labeled courage
(d) A piece of gold

8. What is comprised of bran, pins, and needles?
(a) The Tin Woodman's heart
(b) The Scarecrow's brain
(c) Dorothy's breakfast
(d) The Lions Nerve

9. Who is having a meeting in the forest?
(a) A few sprites
(b) A couple of old men
(c) A group of hundreds of animals
(d) A pack of jackals

10. What does the Wizard present as the Tin Woodman's heart?
(a) A stuffed silk heart
(b) A certificate
(c) A vial of potion
(d) Bran, pins, and needles

11. What does this person in #141 do?
(a) Talks with them
(b) Cuts a branch off the tree
(c) Lights a match
(d) Fights with the person

12. What finally rescues the travelers?
(a) The Winkies
(b) The Winged Monkeys
(c) The Munchkins
(d) The mice

13. What is the Wizard's true profession?
(a) A sage
(b) A ventriloquist
(c) An actor
(d) A writer

14. What had Aunt Em been getting ready to do?
(a) Hug Uncle Henry
(b) Run some errands
(c) Water the cabbages
(d) Make dinner

15. Where is the charm of the Golden Cap?
(a) In Dorothy's shoes
(b) Hidden in the rim of the hat
(c) Written inside the hat
(d) Written outside the hat

Short Answer Questions

1. What is attacking the animals of the forest?

2. What is the Wizard tired of being?

3. Who runs into the crowd, causing Dorothy to miss the takeoff?

4. Who doesn't get what they wanted from the Wizard?

5. What does Dorothy decide to take with her?

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