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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the friends of Dorothy vow to do?
(a) Help persuade the monkeys
(b) Build her a boat
(c) Let her go on her own
(d) Travel with her

2. What do the travelers see when they make it through the forest?
(a) A high wall of china
(b) A river
(c) A fire
(d) A ditch

3. What is this forest filled with?
(a) Witches
(b) Magical gnomes
(c) Poppies
(d) Tree guards

4. The people of this land are afraid of what?
(a) The strangers will take them away
(b) The strangers will break them
(c) The strangers are evil
(d) The strangers will take over their land

5. Who has been broken and glued back together many times?
(a) Joker
(b) The king
(c) The milkmaid
(d) The cow

6. Who does the Scarecrow ask for help with Dorothy's dilemma?
(a) The Wizard
(b) Tin Woodman
(c) The throne room solider
(d) A masked man

7. Who does Dorothy want to bring back to Kansas with her?
(a) The jokeer
(b) The princess
(c) The dragon
(d) The milkmaid

8. Who doesn't get what they wanted from the Wizard?
(a) Dorothy
(b) Scarecrow
(c) Tin Woodman
(d) Lion

9. What does the Lion receive from the Wizard?
(a) A vial of green potion labeled courage
(b) A piece of gold
(c) A medal
(d) A trophy

10. Who is having a meeting in the forest?
(a) A couple of old men
(b) A pack of jackals
(c) A few sprites
(d) A group of hundreds of animals

11. Who is NOT a figurine the travelers encounter?
(a) Dragon
(b) China milkmaid
(c) Joker
(d) Princess

12. What is the Wizard tired of being?
(a) A lonely man
(b) A coward
(c) A humbug
(d) A Wizard

13. Who are the first creatures called to help Dorothy?
(a) The witches
(b) The Munchkins
(c) The mice
(d) The Winged Monkeys

14. What does Dorothy use to summon the mice?
(a) A click of her heels
(b) A snap of her fingers
(c) A spell
(d) A small whistle

15. Who kills the feared creature from #153?
(a) The Lion
(b) Tin Woodman
(c) Toto
(d) Scarecrow

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Aunt Em been when Dorothy appeared?

2. Who is sad about their situation in this chapter?

3. Who does Glinda give the Golden Cap to?

4. What do the Winkies do for the Tin Woodman?

5. Who enjoys the new land the travelers enter after the land of china?

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