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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the man suggest the travelers climb to reach their destination?
(a) The wall
(b) The hill
(c) The ledge
(d) The roof

2. What do the Winkies do for the Tin Woodman?
(a) Take him home
(b) Throw water on him
(c) Find his lost love
(d) Take out his dents and repair him

3. Where does the Scarecrow put his gift from the Wizard?
(a) In his pocket
(b) In his hat
(c) In his arm
(d) In his head

4. What finally rescues the travelers?
(a) The Winkies
(b) The Winged Monkeys
(c) The mice
(d) The Munchkins

5. When the travelers are all back together, what do they decide to do?
(a) Move into the palace
(b) Head for Kansas
(c) Return to Oz
(d) Take a nap

6. Who kills the feared creature from #153?
(a) Tin Woodman
(b) The Lion
(c) Toto
(d) Scarecrow

7. What is this forest filled with?
(a) Tree guards
(b) Witches
(c) Magical gnomes
(d) Poppies

8. What color is the land of the Winkies?
(a) Blue
(b) Yellow
(c) Orange
(d) Brown

9. Where is the Wizard revealed to be?
(a) In a secret cupboard
(b) Behind the throne
(c) Behind a small screen
(d) In the ceiling

10. What is the land in this chapter filled with?
(a) Glass animals
(b) Living china figurines
(c) Clouds
(d) Small dolls of clay

11. What creatures look like short men with large heads?
(a) Boorstens
(b) Munchkins
(c) Hammer Heads
(d) Kalidahs

12. Who doesn't get what they wanted from the Wizard?
(a) Dorothy
(b) Scarecrow
(c) Tin Woodman
(d) Lion

13. In what land does Glinda live?
(a) The land of the Quadlings
(b) Oz
(c) In a pond
(d) In the land of the Hammer Heads

14. Where had Aunt Em been when Dorothy appeared?
(a) In the fields
(b) In the house
(c) In the barn
(d) In the pen

15. Who does the Scarecrow ask for help with Dorothy's dilemma?
(a) The throne room solider
(b) A masked man
(c) The Wizard
(d) Tin Woodman

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is having a meeting in the forest?

2. What does the Queen of the Mice tell Dorothy to use to help them get to the Emerald City?

3. What does Glinda tell the monkeys to do with the Lion?

4. Who does Dorothy want to bring back to Kansas with her?

5. What does Glinda tell the monkeys to do with the Tin Woodman?

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