The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Character Descriptions

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Cowardly Lion - The group meets this character when he jumps out at them as they make their way through a forest. This character knocks over two other characters, and when he tries to bite Toto, Dorothy slaps him. He is ashamed and admits that Dorothy is right.

This character often demonstrates bravery. He fails to understand that courage is not the absence of fear, but is taking action in the face of fear.

Dorothy - This character's journey to see the Wizard of Oz brings friendship and adventure. When a cyclone whips across Kansas, this character is carried away in the small farmhouse and eventually is set down in the land of the Munchkins.

Aunt Em - This character is Dorothy's mother figure. Although she was once a vibrant woman, years on the harsh prairie have taken their toll on her appearance and spirits.


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