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Short Answer Questions

1. Who begins to visit Henry in Chapter 69?

2. Where does Henry give a reading in Chapter 93?

3. Who does Henry watch sleep together in Chapter 96?

4. Why did Cecelia divorce her husband?

5. Who does Henry ask for advice concerning Debra and Iris in Chapter 93?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Henry learn about Dee Dee Bronson in Chapter 88?

2. What does Tammie do in Chapter 67, and why does she get angry?

3. How do Henry and Liza Weston interact?

4. What causes the demise of Henry's relationship with Liza?

5. Describe the three women that Henry meets in Chapter 87.

6. Describe Henry's interactions with the prostitutes in Chapter 96.

7. Who is William Keesing?

8. How does Cecelia feel about Henry?

9. Describe Henry and Sara's fight in Chapter 92.

10. Who visits Henry in Chapter 86, what do they do, and why do they eventually leave Henry's apartment?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How can "Women" be read as semi-autobiographical of Bukowski?

Essay Topic 2

Choose two characters that act as a foil to one another. In what ways do these characters serve as opposites? Are these differences indicative of good and evil?

Essay Topic 3

How would the story be different if Henry and Lydia had stayed together throughout the entire novel, despite his many affairs?

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