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Charles Bukowski and Clare Boothe Luce
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lydia call Henry from in Chapter 45?

2. Who attempts to commit suicide when their lover decides to discontinue their relationship in Chapter 19?

3. Who does Henry sleep with shortly after his return to Los Angeles in Chapter 33?

4. What does Henry try to do the night after Laura leaves?

5. How does Henry meet Nicole?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes the demise of Henry's relationship with Liza?

2. What does Lydia do in Chapter 46, and how does Henry react?

3. What does Henry say in Chapter 3 that insults Lydia, and how does she respond?

4. Who is Mindy, and how does Henry meet her?

5. Describe Henry and Mercedes' relationship.

6. What does Henry do at the college in Chapter 7?

7. Describe Henry's reading in Chapters 61 through 62.

8. What is Henry's predicament concerning Thanksgiving, and how does he solve his dilemma?

9. Describe Lilly.

10. What is William Burroughs' role in the novel?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What role does social class play in "Women"? What different classes are represented and by which characters?

Essay Topic 2

How do the minor characters in the novel affect the plot? How would the novel be different if one or more of these characters were removed?

Essay Topic 3

How is each setting in "Women" significant? What does each setting have in common? How is each setting different?

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