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Charles Bukowski and Clare Boothe Luce
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Short Answer Questions

1. What substance is Henry addicted to?

2. Who do Henry and Lydia run into after dropping an article off at a local magazine in Chapter 13?

3. How does Henry immediately feel about Lydia Vance?

4. What position does Henry hold at a small, local magazine?

5. Who visits Henry several days later in Chapter 42?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Henry go in Chapter 7, why, and what happens on his way there?

2. What does Henry do at the college in Chapter 7?

3. According to Chapters 36 through 38, how do Henry and Laura feel about each other?

4. Why does Lydia call Henry in Chapter 45?

5. How do Nicole and Henry view each other in Chapter 21?

6. Describe Lydia Vance as Henry sees her in Chapter 1.

7. Why do Henry and Lydia fight in Chapter 25, and what is their fight about?

8. Why do Henry and Lydia fight in Chapters 11 through 15?

9. Describe Henry's encounter in Chapter 10.

10. What does Henry tell Tammie in Chapter 57, how does she respond, and how is the issue resolved?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast David and William Keesing.

Essay Topic 2

How does Henry change throughout the novel? Detail the changes he makes and the reasons behind those changes. What does the way that Henry views and treats women say about his character? How does this change throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Choose two characters that act as a foil to one another. In what ways do these characters serve as opposites? Are these differences indicative of good and evil?

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