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Charles Bukowski and Clare Boothe Luce
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lydia smash when she fights with Henry in his apartment after his affair in Chapter 12?

2. What causes the car crash in Chapter 7?

3. What does Henry do on the first night of his visit in Chapter 54?

4. Who does Lydia say is the father of the child she is currently carrying?

5. What does Henry do on the way home from his magazine's collation party?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Tammie is evicted in Chapter 68?

2. What happens on the plane to New York City?

3. How does Henry's relationship with Tammie develop?

4. Why do Henry and Lydia fight in Chapters 11 through 15?

5. What causes the demise of Henry's relationship with Liza?

6. Where does Henry go in Chapter 7, why, and what happens on his way there?

7. What do Henry and Tammie do in Chapter 64, and how does this cause a fight?

8. Why do Henry and Lydia fight in Chapter 25, and what is their fight about?

9. What does Henry do while he waits to pick Iris up from the airport in Chapter 94?

10. Where does Henry go in Chapter 93, who does he meet, and what does he do?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does Henry's literary career make "all of his dreams come true"?

Essay Topic 2

Choose two characters that act as a foil to one another. In what ways do these characters serve as opposites? Are these differences indicative of good and evil?

Essay Topic 3

How would the story be different if Henry and Lydia had stayed together throughout the entire novel, despite his many affairs?

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