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The Post Office

This is where Henry worked before quitting his secure job to pursue writing full-time, and it serves as a symbol for traditional values.

Los Angeles

This is the city where Henry lives and where the novel is set.

Henry's Sculpted Head

Lydia creates this object which is passed back and forth between Henry and Lydia, depending on the current status of their relationship.

Vance Pastures

This is what Henry calls Lydia's family property near Muleshead, Utah.

It Runs Around the Room and Me, and others

This is the title of one of Henry's volumes of poetry.

Henry's Apartment

This is Henry's filthy home which serves as a symbol of Henry's nontraditional values.

Henry's Blue Volkswagen

This is one of Henry's only durable possessions which serves as a symbol of Henry's charisma.

Drayer Baba

This is a mysterious religious leader who claimed to be God and...

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