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Chapters 1 through 6

• Henry Chinaski is a fifty year old, alcoholic, semi-successful writer who has not had sex for four years when he meets Lydia Vance, to whom he immediately becomes sexually attracted, at his first poetry reading.

• As Henry and Lydia's relationship progresses to the physical realm, Lydia starts sculpting Henry's head.
• Henry and Lydia attend social gatherings where Lydia flirts with other men. Nevertheless, their sexual relationship continues, and they begin to argue.

Chapters 7 and 8

• Henry flies off to perform several readings around the United States. His first stop is in Kansas City where he is picked up from the airport by a man named Frenchy who crashes the car.

• The pair hitch a ride to the college where Henry gets drunk and knocks on all of the girls' locked doors, demanding sexual gratification.

• The next day, Henry awakens disoriented, calls Lydia, and flies to Arkansas where...

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