Objects & Places from Women Who Run with the Wolves

Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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The Cave

This is where La Loba sings over the bones in the first story of the book.

Wolf Bones

La Loba gathers these together to her cave wherein she performs a resurrection along with a joyous celebration of life through the power of her own singing.

Blue Beard

This object has been retained by a cloister of nuns. It is the remnant of a powerful man who is of exceptional danger to women.


This item is safe from decay at the bottom of a body of water.


This object is from the story Skeleton Woman. It is cause for well-placed hope of some kind.

Jail Walls

In the chapter devoted to the search for belonging, the author tells readers that women's longing to help along the wild soul- and she means this in a healthy way - will lead women to paint the sky on...

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