Daily Lessons for Teaching Women Who Run with the Wolves

Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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Lesson 1 (from Women Who Run With the Wolves: Introductory Material & Book 1, The Howl: Resurrection of the Wild Woman)


The concept of the Wild Woman will be a theme as the book progresses. Today's objective is to discuss this idea of a Wild Woman, what this means, and how it might impact the reader.


1. Have each student define the idea of 'wild.' What does it mean to be wild?

2. In smaller groups, have students discuss whether they think it's fair that the concept of wild is only being applied to women. Why or why not?

3. As a class, have the students discuss the importance of exploring the concept of a Wild Woman. How does this engage a discussion about being a woman? How might this idea affect women in society?

4. Homework: Have students decide whether they think women can be wild. Why or why not?

5. Homework: Have students discuss what they think the desired impact of the book is meant to be.

6. Homework...

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