Women Who Run with the Wolves Fun Activities

Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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Design a Cover for the Book

Have students recreate the cover of this book to reflect the contents for curious readers.

Find Another Wild Woman Story

Have students research to find another Wild Woman story and then present this story to the class.

Create a Picture Book

Choosing one story from the book, have students create a picture book which could be used to teach the story to a child.

What Does a Wild Woman Look Like?

Have students create a picture or another art project which encapsulates what they think a Wild Woman looks like.

Choosing a Wild Woman from Famous People

Have students choose one celebrity they might define as being a Wild Woman. What do they think makes this celebrity fit the mold?

Advertising for a Wild Woman

Have students create a job description for a wild woman and what qualifications she must have in...

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