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Ann Rinaldi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Harriet's fiance?

2. Why does Mammy Ursula say Washington City will be a good place for Harriet?

3. What job does Harriet tell Mammy she will have when she leaves?

4. What do Sally's children want her to finally admit in The Middle of August 1822?

5. What is Madison's opinion about Sally's children leaving Monticello and not seeing each other?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Harriet and her siblings hope Sally will admit before Harriet leaves, but Sally never does?

2. What about Jefferson's fulfilling of his promise to Sally to free her children makes Sally sad?

3. When Harriet visits Mammy Ursula in That Same Day, May 17, 1822, how does Mammy Ursula respond to Harriet's revelation that she'll be leaving the plantation soon?

4. What is Jefferson's personal conflict regarding his attitude toward Sally and her children?

5. Why is it clear that Peter Carr is not Harriet's or Beverly's father?

6. Why is Harriet's fiance worried that by becoming engaged to him she will be trading one master for another?

7. What about Sally's attitude toward Beverly's decision on the subject of his freedom bothers Harriet?

8. How does Harriet explain to Beverly her belief that she is not turning her back on her family and race by passing for white?

9. Why is Jefferson a little offended when he learns of Harriet's engagement to Thad?

10. Why is it so important to Harriet that Mammy Ursula and Thruston approve of her decision to leave the plantation and pass as white?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is the education of slaves represented in this book? Are there conflicting messages? What do these conflicting messages mean? Do they stand for viewpoints present in Jefferson's time? If so, what are the viewpoints?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the journey Harriet takes through the course of the novel. What is she like as the story begins and how has she changed by the end? What has changed about her view of the world? What has changed about her personality?

Essay Topic 3

Harriet's brother Tom left the plantation before the story began. Initially, the reader is told he ran away and that's why no one talks about him. Later we learn that he is living as a white man with a wife and children. What does Tom represent in this novel? Does he represent an acceptance of passing for white or anger at the idea of passing for white?

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