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Ann Rinaldi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harriet say is a gift not to be thrown away?

2. What does Jefferson give Harriet in October 1821?

3. Who helps Harriet pack to leave?

4. Who does Beverly say wasn't at Monticello when Harriet and Beverly were conceived?

5. In October 1820, what does Harriet say kept her too busy to write in her journal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Harriet finally realize when she considers that the other slave girls have only getting married and having babies in their futures?

2. Why is it clear that Peter Carr is not Harriet's or Beverly's father?

3. In the section titled May 15, 1822, what decision has Beverly made that pleases Harriet?

4. Why is Harriet's fiance worried that by becoming engaged to him she will be trading one master for another?

5. What does Mammy Ursula say to Harriet that eases her feelings about Sally's apparent lack of concern at her leaving?

6. How does Harriet explain to Beverly her belief that she is not turning her back on her family and race by passing for white?

7. What characteristic of Harriet's makes Thruston proud of her?

8. What do Harriet and her siblings hope Sally will admit before Harriet leaves, but Sally never does?

9. Why is Jefferson a little offended when he learns of Harriet's engagement to Thad?

10. What is Jefferson's personal conflict regarding his attitude toward Sally and her children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Wolf by the Ears is considered a historical novel. What is a historical novel? How does this particular work fit into this genre?

Essay Topic 2

Jefferson's beliefs and his actions are in direct contrast throughout the novel. Describe instances in which Jefferson says one thing, but does another. What impact do these contradictions have on Harriet and her family?

Essay Topic 3

Harriet tells Beverly that by passing for white, she is not turning her back on her family and her heritage, she is merely embracing her other half. What does she mean by this? Can she ever truly embrace her white side without turning her back on her black side? Why or why not?

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