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Ann Rinaldi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What will the overseer force Harriet to do if she stays at Monticello?

2. What question does Martha ask Harriet that she is hesitant to answer?

3. What does Sally remind Harriet to do when she sees Randolph in April 1820?

4. What are Sally and Harriet doing in The Third Week of May 1820 when Sally tells Harriet that Jefferson wants to see her?

5. Where is Sally when Harriet goes to look for the secret room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important point does Randolph give Harriet to consider during April 1820?

2. What does Jefferson promise Harriet in return for not telling anyone that he didn't punish her for sneaking into his rooms?

3. If Harriet stays at Monticello and Jefferson dies, Thruston says the slaves will all be sold to pay Jefferson's debt. What is Thruston's concern for Harriet if this should happen?

4. What is Sally's real reason for sending Harriet to serve Thomas Mann Randolph his breakfast?

5. After speaking with Thruston about Jefferson's eventual death, what does Harriet realize will happen to her some day, whether she leaves the plantation or not?

6. Why do most people say that Thomas Mann Randolph is crazy?

7. What answer does Harriet give Randolph when he asks her what she considers herself to be?

8. In April 1820, what does Harriet reveal that she and her siblings have at the plantation that even the legitimate children of Jefferson do not have?

9. In the section titled The Third Week of May 1820, what bothers Harriet about passing as white?

10. How does the author hint in the December 1819 section that Sally has a special relationship with Jefferson?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At different points in the book we see background characters who don't play a major role in the story, but who are placed there for important reasons. For example, at one point Harriet sees two girls chasing after one of the young men on the plantation. Why does the author put characters such as these in the book? What do they represent?

Essay Topic 2

When Harriet visits Mammy Ursula she is unable to tell her that she is going to pass for white. Why is it so difficult for Harriet to voice her decision, and why is it so hard for Mammy to allow her to say it?

Essay Topic 3

Name and discuss three instances of foreshadowing in Wolf by the Ears. What are the events that occur and what future actions do they foreshadow?

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