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Ann Rinaldi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Martha tell Harriet not to do?

2. Over the days that follow Bankhead's attack on Harriet, who does Harriet stay close to?

3. In Mid-May 1820, That Same Night, as Harriet wanders through the house after her argument with Thruston, where does Harriet find Bankhead?

4. What does Harriet compare the secret room to?

5. The first time Jefferson sees Harriet after she is attacked by Bankhead, what is the first thing he inquires about?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Randolph tell Harriet she must do within one year of being granted her freedom?

2. Why is it unusual that Harriet, a slave, is allowed to use Jefferson's library?

3. In the section titled The Third Week of May 1820, what bothers Harriet about passing as white?

4. What answer does Harriet give Randolph when he asks her what she considers herself to be?

5. Following the attack on Harriet by Bankhead, what is Harriet afraid the overseer will do?

6. What does Jefferson promise Harriet should he die before her 21st birthday?

7. What is Mammy Ursula's job on the plantation?

8. When Harriet speaks to Jefferson for the first time after Bankhead attacks her, why does she feel surprised and grateful?

9. Why does Bankhead become angry at Randolph after he attacks Harriet?

10. What features does Harriet have that make her different from the other slaves on the plantation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sally is a very complex character. She is at once a slave and a lover, a mother and a woman who pushes her children away. She has definite reasons for all of the things she does, yet she doesn't overtly express her reasons. What impact do her contrasting roles have on Harriet's life? What effect does her inability to express her feelings and reasons to her children have on them?

Essay Topic 2

The question of Harriet's paternity is an overlying theme in this book. Why is who Harriet's father is so important to her? Do we ever know for certain that Jefferson is her father? Why do you think the author deals with the question of her paternity in this manner?

Essay Topic 3

Name and discuss three instances of foreshadowing in Wolf by the Ears. What are the events that occur and what future actions do they foreshadow?

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