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Ann Rinaldi
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Essay Topic 1

Although Jefferson is an actual historical figure, the author undoubtedly takes some license in the portrayal of his character and the relationship between Jefferson, Sally, and Harriet. Discuss the way in which Jefferson's character and his interactions with Sally and Harriet are portrayed. What parts of these interactions are likely literary fabrications? Are there certain elements we know to be true? What are these elements?

Essay Topic 2

Wolf by the Ears is considered a historical novel. What is a historical novel? How does this particular work fit into this genre?

Essay Topic 3

Name and discuss three instances of foreshadowing in Wolf by the Ears. What are the events that occur and what future actions do they foreshadow?

Essay Topic 4

Harriet's need for security is in direct contrast to her mother's desire for Harriet's freedom. Yet, we might also see her freedom as offering another kind of...

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