Wolf by the Ears Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Rinaldi
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December 1819

• Harriet's mother, Sally, has asked her to help carry a tea tray to the master's bedroom.

• Harriet is excited to be invited into the master's room and is determined to see as much as she can in the short time she has there.

• Thomas Jefferson is working on his autobiography when Harriet enters.

• Harriet looks at the many things in the room while Sally lays a shawl over Jefferson's shoulders and talks to him about the snow.
• Jefferson asks Harriet how she is and how her studies are going.

• Harriet asks if Jefferson has put Sally in his autobiography, but he answers only by saying that writing is a nice pastime.

• Harriet tells Jefferson about the snow on Blue Ridge and he says he'll put it in his Farm Book.

• Jefferson gives Harriet a blank journal and suggests she record her thoughts in it, which will improve...

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