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Vivian's Obituary

Write Vivian's obituary the way you think she would have written it.

Death Be Not Proud

Create a visual representation of Donne's Holy Sonnet Six.

Ode to Bearing

Write a sonnet about Vivian.

Dramatic Interpretation

Choose one of Vivian's monologues. Present your dramatic interpretation of the monologue.

Vivian's Family

Write a scene in which Vivian's father is introduced to Professor Ashford.

Wit on Stage

Design the theater and stage in which Wit might be performed.

Wit on the Big Screen

Write a synopsis of the film adaptation of Wit.

Vivian's Will

Write Vivian's last will and testament.

Wit's Structure

Restructure Wit into acts and scenes as a traditional play. Indicate where the act and scene breaks occur, and why.

The Music of Wit

Create a soundtrack for Wit.

Bearing's Bookshelf

Write a list of titles you imagine would be on Vivian's bookshelf at home. Why do...

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