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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Onnie Jay Holy's real name?
(a) Shoats Hoover
(b) Hazel Motes
(c) Hoover Shoats
(d) Onnie Jay Hoover

2. How does Gonga react to Enoch?
(a) He insults him
(b) He laughs at him
(c) He is impressed by him
(d) He becomes angry with him

3. Who is waiting for Haze when he returns home from preaching?
(a) Enoch Emery
(b) Sabbath Lily Hawks
(c) Asa Hawks
(d) The police

4. What does Enoch end up eating at the diner?
(a) A piece of cake
(b) Nothing
(c) A milkshake
(d) Soup

5. Which of the following is NOT a title of a movie Enoch sees in the theater?
(a) Lonnie Comes Home Again
(b) The Eye
(c) Devil's Island Penitentiary
(d) The Monster

6. What does Haze claim is the only truth?
(a) The Church Without Christ
(b) That Jesus does not exist
(c) That you must follow your own heart
(d) That there is no truth

7. Who follows the True Prophet when he finishes preaching?
(a) Asa Hawks
(b) Haze
(c) Enoch
(d) Shoats

8. Why does Haze regularly throw out money?
(a) Having it encourages him to smoke and drink
(b) He wants to make a point of rejecting the government's money
(c) He disdains money
(d) It is left over and he doesn't need it

9. What does Haze do when Mrs. Flood suggests they marry?
(a) He agrees to marry her
(b) He hits her
(c) He leaves for another city
(d) He leaves the house

10. Why does Haze claim he can no longer preach?
(a) He never could draw followers to his church
(b) He has lost his faith
(c) He doesn't have the time
(d) He is now blind

11. What happens to the man and woman sitting on the rock by the highway?
(a) They call the police
(b) They drive away in their car after seeing the gorilla
(c) They are killed by Enoch
(d) They are frightened by Enoch

12. What does Haze forget to remove before getting into bed with Sabbath Lily?
(a) His shoes
(b) His pants
(c) His shirt
(d) His hat

13. How did Enoch disguise himself in the museum?
(a) He wore a wig and raincoat
(b) He wore his security uniform
(c) He darkened his face and hands with shoe polish
(d) He wore sunglasses and a wig

14. Where does Haze tell Sabbath Lily he plans to go after he gets some more sleep?
(a) To Mrs. Watts' house
(b) To a new city to preach
(c) To find Enoch Emery
(d) Back to the movie theaters to preach

15. Why does Haze say he must punish himself?
(a) He wants to believe in Jesus
(b) He has hurt many people
(c) He is not clean
(d) He wants to prove his beliefs are true

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Haze do to get the True Prophet's attention?

2. Why does Enoch go to the movies?

3. Why did Haze paint his shoes black?

4. What has Shoats named his new church?

5. How is Haze able to pay for his rent?

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