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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Hazel's suit?
(a) It does not fit him properly
(b) His hat is black and his suit is blue. They do not match
(c) It is blue, an usual color for a suit
(d) It still has the price tag on the sleeve

2. What does Haze challenge Asa Hawks to do?
(a) Begin his own religion
(b) Allow Haze to date his daughter
(c) Save Haze's soul
(d) Join the Church Without Christ

3. Why does the taxi driver think that Hazel wants to visit Mrs. Watts' house?
(a) To know sin first hand
(b) To rob Mrs. Watts
(c) To preach to the prostitute
(d) To find a room to rent

4. Why doesn't Enoch give Haze the address he promised to him?
(a) He lied about knowing the address
(b) He wants to take him there himself
(c) He cannot remember it
(d) He is angry with Haze

5. Who does the taxi driver mistaken Hazel for?
(a) A preacher
(b) A man named Parrum
(c) His brother
(d) A foreigner

6. What does Hazel discover when he arrives home after being released from the army?
(a) His family was killed during the war
(b) His family home is deserted
(c) He has been a sinner all along
(d) He no longer wants to be a preacher

7. How much does the owner of the car lot agree to take from Haze for the car?
(a) $400
(b) $50
(c) $40
(d) $20

8. How does Haze ultimately find out where the Hawks family lives?
(a) He finds them on the street and follows them home
(b) Enoch gives him their address
(c) He asks others members of the Hawks' congregation where they live
(d) He finds them on the street and asks them where they live

9. What does Haze tell Sabbath Lily makes his vehicle a 'good car'?
(a) It was built by people who had their eyes open
(b) It was built by minorities
(c) It is always able to be fixed
(d) It was built by foreigners

10. Why does Haze stop suddenly in the middle of the road?
(a) He wants to ask for directions to the zoo
(b) He sees a boulder with a religious commentary on it
(c) He decides not to buy the car because the horn doesn't work
(d) He sees a man hitch hiking

11. Which of the following was NOT a family living in Eastrod?
(a) Parrum family
(b) Blasengame family
(c) Motes family
(d) Hitchcock family

12. What is the only item Hazel wants to save from his family's home?
(a) A chifforobe
(b) The family Bible
(c) A car
(d) An antique table

13. Why does Haze go to two different garages to have his car fixed?
(a) The mechanic at the first garage refuses to look at Haze's car
(b) The mechanic at the first garage tells him his car cannot be repaired
(c) The mechanic at the first garage fails to fix Haze's car
(d) Haze refuses to pay the first mechanic

14. Why does Haze want to visit the zoo?
(a) To find a job
(b) To find Enoch Emery
(c) To find a woman to sleep with
(d) To see the animals

15. Which of the following stops is NOT part of Enoch Emery's daily routine at the park?
(a) The playground
(b) The zoo
(c) The public pool
(d) The Frosty Bottle

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the serviceman from the gas station do to help Haze's car start?

2. Why does the car lot owner insist that Haze take the Essex on a test drive?

3. Who had Hazel dreamed of being like when he was a child?

4. Which of the following is NOT an example Haze gives to reinforce the message of his church?

5. Where does Hazel finally meet up with the blind preacher?

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