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1. What is the source of conflict between Hazel Motes and the train porter?

Hazel insists that the porter is a man named Parrum from his hometown of Eastrod, TN. The porter claims he isn't Parrum and comes from Chicago. Hazel pushes the point and become pushy and accusatory towards the porter.

2. Describe Haze's experience in the train dining car

He and another passenger, Mrs. Hitchcock go to the car together, but she is seated before him (with another party). Haze becomes angry and frustrated and continues to be so when he is seated with three attractive women. The steward (waiter) is busy flirting with the women so he is slow to serve Haze. Haze is disgusted by the waiter's behavior.

3. Why does Haze refuse to go to the brothel with his fellow soldiers?

Haze claims that he is "from Eastrod, Tennessee" and plans to become a preacher. He tells the men "he [is] not going to have his soul damned by the government or any foreign place…" Haze wants to maintain a moral high ground and believes the soldiers are trying to damn him by drawing him into temptation.

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