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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hazel copy off of the wall of a men's room?
(a) Directions to a boarding house
(b) The phone number of a prostitute
(c) The address of a prostitute
(d) The address of a boarding house

2. Why does Sabbath Lily say she must stay with Haze?
(a) Her father is a crook
(b) Her father has run off without her
(c) Her father is dead
(d) Her father disowned her

3. What does Onnie Jay Holy claim to be to convince the crowd to believe in his testimony?
(a) He is a lifelong member of the Church Without Christ
(b) He is a Lapsed Catholic
(c) He is a preacher
(d) He is Haze's right hand man

4. Why does Enoch go to the movies?
(a) He is trying to kill time until he has to meet Haze
(b) He wants to see the movie that is playing
(c) He is planning to meet Haze at the theater
(d) He believes his blood is telling him to

5. What does Hazel discover when he arrives home after being released from the army?
(a) His family was killed during the war
(b) He has been a sinner all along
(c) His family home is deserted
(d) He no longer wants to be a preacher

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Enoch paint the cabinet of the wash stand with gilt?

2. Why does Hawks insist that Sabbath Lily continue to try to seduce Haze?

3. Who brings the True Prophet to preach next to Haze?

4. Who does Mrs. Hitchcock tell Hazel Motes she going to visit?

5. Why does Haze go to two different garages to have his car fixed?

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