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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Hitchcock tell Hazel Motes she going to visit?
(a) Her cousin
(b) Her unmarried daughter
(c) Her married daughter
(d) Her sister

2. What does Hazel want to make sure Mrs. Watts knows about him?
(a) He isn't a preacher
(b) He plans on becoming a preacher
(c) He does not believe in God
(d) He has no intention of marrying her

3. Which of the following was NOT a family living in Eastrod?
(a) Motes family
(b) Blasengame family
(c) Hitchcock family
(d) Parrum family

4. What does Hazel notice about Mrs. Watts' grin?
(a) Her teeth are tightly packed in her mouth
(b) Her grin is sly
(c) Her teeth are green and pointed
(d) She has no teeth

5. What did people claim was the reason for Haze opening his brother's casket at his funeral?
(a) He was trying to climb into the coffin to be with his brother
(b) He was heartbroken over his brother's death
(c) He wanted to make sure his brother was really dead
(d) He had a morbid fascination with dead people

Short Answer Questions

1. What town was Hazel Motes born and raised in?

2. Why does Hazel become angered in the dining car?

3. What happens to Hazel when he departs the train?

4. How do Hazel's fellow soldiers react when he tells them he will not visit a brothel with them?

5. Why does Hazel take his duffel bag with him when he leaves the train?

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