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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Hitchcock tell Hazel Motes she going to visit?
(a) Her sister
(b) Her cousin
(c) Her married daughter
(d) Her unmarried daughter

2. What happens to Hazel when he departs the train?
(a) He wanders off to a dry goods store
(b) The porter throws his belongings out of the door
(c) It leaves without him
(d) He loses his belongings

3. What did Hazel consider doing to avoid having to serve in the army?
(a) Run away to a foreign country
(b) Shoot off his foot
(c) Become a teacher
(d) Become a preacher

4. Why does Hazel choose the last bathroom stall to go into?
(a) It says Welcome on the door
(b) It is only one available
(c) It looks the most private and secluded
(d) It is the only one without graffiti on it

5. What is unusual about Mrs. Watts' house?
(a) She leaves the door unlocked
(b) It looks like a shack
(c) She leaves the light in her bedroom on all of the time
(d) She does not live with her husband

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Hazel liken his sleeping berth on the train?

2. Why does the taxi driver think that Hazel wants to visit Mrs. Watts' house?

3. What is Mrs. Watts wearing when Hazel arrives at her house?

4. What does Hazel first notice when he gets off of the train at Taulkinham?

5. What is noteworthy about the taxi driver's appearance?

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